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Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia can be a wonderful adventure. Once you’ve packed everything up, organised your car shipping and jumped on a plane, you’re ready to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of this beautiful country. From tropical islands to kangaroos, here are few things to look out for when moving to Australia. Australians have a reputation for … Continue reading Moving to Australia

Avoiding Damage with International Car Shipping

International car shipping is a great way of getting your vehicle transported overseas. However, if the correct precautions are not made, accident damage could occur to your car. The blog will explain how to avoid any such damage from happening to your car, giving you peace of mind when shipping your vehicle to a foreign … Continue reading Avoiding Damage with International Car Shipping

Car Shipping and Moving to Zambia

Moving to Zambia will naturally bring cultural change, excitement and plenty of new challenges – ensure you are prepared for your moving, car shipping and customs regulations. Shipping to Zambia Local based shipping companies can be difficult to deal with based on customs, charges and logistics. As such we would recommend working with an international … Continue reading Car Shipping and Moving to Zambia