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Planning Your Car Shipping to Canada

Moving to Canada sounds like a great idea. And of course – you want your car to be by your side on this journey as well. The only thing left is to find the best international car shipping company, so everything can be perfect.

When sending your car abroad you want it to be fast, reliable and cheap. But not every lowest price and fastest shipping option is the best. In this case make sure that before making any decision, you will find out a little bit about the company you have chosen. There has been a lot of cases when people pretended to be from an international shipping company, signed papers with clients and then the clients have never seen their cars again.

Choosing your international car shipping company can be difficult – there’s different type of prices, shipping methods and schedules and yes, it can be confusing. But when you know what you want, it is not that hard. And if you do not know, here is a little bit of help.

Choose the Right Company

Make sure they do ship in a country that you would like to move to and if they ship the type of car you would like to send overseas.

List down all the positive and negative points that you can think of when you look at the company because then it will be easier to choose one.

When it comes to dealing with car shipping companies, there will always be a talk about the money. The car shipping costs particularly to Canada depend on your chosen method of shipment.

Choose The Best Shipping Method

International car shipping has two most common methods of shipping cars into Canada – Roll On / Roll Off and shipping by a container.
Car Shipping Canada
Roll On / Roll Off car shipping. That means that all vehicles are either driven or towed on to the vessel via a ramp and once the vehicles are on board, they will be strapped and shipped. A lot of customers are using this option because of how easy and less time consuming it is. The roll on/roll off car shipping is by far one of the cheapest ways. It is also faster as ships are loaded and turned around usually within a 24 hour period.

Car Shipping CanadaThe container car shipping is still the preferred method of shipment even though it is a little bit more expensive. You need to make sure you are getting the right container type and know your car’s length and width. Most common container sizes are 20′ for one car and 40’ for two cars.

Dealing With The Paper Work

There is a lot of things that you have to focus on when it comes to a paper work and your car. One of the most important things are the import regulations for cars in Canada. You need to check if your vehicle complies with Canadian standards.

When car shipping to Canada you will sometimes need to send copies but most of the time they will want you to bring all the needed documents with you. When signing the agreement, read through it properly. The most important ones are a vehicle log book, purchase invoice and your passport. But every company has it different.
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