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Car Shipping and Moving to Zambia

Moving to Zambia will naturally bring cultural change, excitement and plenty of new challenges – ensure you are prepared for your moving, car shipping and customs regulations.

Shipping to Zambia

Local based shipping companies can be difficult to deal with based on customs, charges and logistics. As such we would recommend working with an international shipping specialist that can aid in the packing, quoting, transport, customs and final moves to a new home in Zambia. For those moving this means just one point of contact is needed, trust in the move and long term peace of mind.

To ship vehicles to Zambia the following documents will be required:

  • Passport
  • Copy of the V5C (log book)
  • Purchase invoice for the vehicle
  • Packing inventory

All of the above will need to be clear and show all vehicle details/passport details.

Car Shipping to Zambia

Shipping a car to Zambia will come with additional regulations attached, with a levy chargeable based on the size of the engine being imported, the year the car is made, accessories attached to the car.

Older cars require a higher level of payment due to the increased carbon emissions they create.

It is possible to pay these charges at the border of the country, but also to pay in advance with just final checks taking place at the border.

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