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Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia can be a wonderful adventure. Once you’ve packed everything up, organised your car shipping and jumped on a plane, you’re ready to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of this beautiful country. From tropical islands to kangaroos, here are few things to look out for when moving to Australia. Australians have a reputation for … Continue reading Moving to Australia

Questions to ask a roll on – roll off shipping company

Roll on – roll off shipping or Ro-Ro as it’s also known is a safe, reliable and affordable method for shipping a vehicle overseas. It’s easier to load vehicles on vessels using this tried and tested method and due to this it often works out to be cheaper too. Ro-Ro is one of our specialties … Continue reading Questions to ask a roll on – roll off shipping company

Deciding on the best method to ship your car

Before shipping your vehicle overseas you should consider which is the best method for you and will overall benefit you most. Below are a few examples of how you can ship your vehicle overseas and reasons why you might or might not decide you want to choose that method of shipping.   Roll on/Roll off … Continue reading Deciding on the best method to ship your car

Rates to ship a car overseas

If you are considering shipping your car or vehicle overseas, your first question might be; how much is it going to cost me? The cost of shipping a car overseas can vary depending on the service that you require. In this article I will explain a few different methods to shipping a vehicle overseas and … Continue reading Rates to ship a car overseas

Shipping a vehicle to Namibia

Car shipping to Namibia Here at First Base Freight we offer a professional and reliable car shipping service to Namibia from the UK as well as shipping vehicles to many other worldwide destinations. With over 25 years of experience with shipping overseas and also with our main market being West Africa; we have the pleasure … Continue reading Shipping a vehicle to Namibia

How to get your excess baggage overseas

First Base Freight have been assisting professionals and holiday makers with shipping their excess baggage overseas for many years and are the preferred choice by many business men and women, students, expatriates and many people moving home overseas. Sometimes you can’t fit everything into your flight baggage allowance and you need to seek the services … Continue reading How to get your excess baggage overseas

Cost to ship a car overseas

Shipping your car overseas may not cost as much as you think, with a vast amount of large specialist vessels carrying thousands of vehicles every week; import and export of vehicles is a big industry. With many shipping lines offering some great rates, picking the right one with the best price is important keeping in … Continue reading Cost to ship a car overseas