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Category: Australia

Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia can be a wonderful adventure. Once you’ve packed everything up, organised your car shipping and jumped on a plane, you’re ready to enjoy the magnificent landscapes of this beautiful country. From tropical islands to kangaroos, here are few things to look out for when moving to Australia. Australians have a reputation for … Continue reading Moving to Australia

Cost to ship a car overseas

Shipping your car overseas may not cost as much as you think, with a vast amount of large specialist vessels carrying thousands of vehicles every week; import and export of vehicles is a big industry. With many shipping lines offering some great rates, picking the right one with the best price is important keeping in … Continue reading Cost to ship a car overseas

How is my vehicle shipped overseas?

Are you moving abroad and wondering how you’re going to take your car with you? The simple answer is to ship it. The method of shipping comes down to your preference and where in the world you are shipping your vehicle to. Your first step towards shipping your vehicle overseas will be to contact a … Continue reading How is my vehicle shipped overseas?

Shipping personal effects inside your vehicle

The most popular question when shipping a vehicle overseas is if you can load the vehicle with any luggage or personal effects. We see the logic in this as it can be costly just to send a few boxes overseas and if you are already shipping your vehicle then you might as well make the … Continue reading Shipping personal effects inside your vehicle

How to Ship Your Motorcycle Overseas

When shipping your motorcycle overseas It can sometimes be completely different to how you would normally ship your average car, you still have you’re the option to ship your motorcycle via Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) and container shipping, but RoRo isn’t always as common when shipping your bike as it is with shipping other types … Continue reading How to Ship Your Motorcycle Overseas