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Packing tips for moving overseas

Moving is the fun part of starting a new life overseas, it’s the packing that causes most of the trouble. We’ve seen some sights over the years at First Base Freight and always encourage our customers to plan and pack with care. Our containers are great for overseas shipping, especially if you pack using some our favourite tips.

Start early – Packing takes ages so start as early as you can with the items you use least. Sure, they’ll be certain belongings you can’t pack away until the last minute but plenty of other possessions you can stow away right away.

Get plenty of boxes – Never underestimate how many boxes you will need. Go through your house on a room by room basis and try to establish how many boxes you will require. It’s better to have too many boxes than too little.

Wrap breakables – Keep precious items safe by wrapping them inside old newspapers, use bubble wrap if you prefer. Place items carefully into boxes, use extra paper to ‘pad’ the interior and securely seal the top with parcel tape.

Pack heavy items at the bottom – Use a proven method for packing boxes. Heavy items go on the bottom, lighter things go on the top. When you put boxes inside storage containers do the same, heavy boxes on the bottom, lighter boxes piled on top

Label things up – Make a list of everything you place inside each box, write down which room the box is going into on the top of the box.

Lift with care – If you are not used to lifting boxes take care and think about your back. Always bend your knees, lift the box with your back perfectly straight and if it feels too heavy, get somebody to help.

Packing for a move is all about planning, get the basics right and you’ll soon be settled in your new home.


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