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Cost to Ship Cars Overseas | International Car Shipping | First Base Freight Ltd

International Car Shipping Costs

Best Car Shipping Costs

Our Car Shipping costs are based on many factors such as:

  1. Fuel increases
  2. Currency strengths and weaknesses
  3. Volume of traffic and
  4. The Frequency of traffic being shipped to a particular destination

Many shipping lines do offer very attractive car shipping rates due to the volume of returning traffic so it is always best to have an up to date quotation. Our car shipping prices are valid for a period of 30 days so even if costs increase we will not pass this on to you. Our Car shipping costs are generally based on the volume or height of the vehicle and are rated according to size and dimensions. Saloon rates are based on the height up to 1.6mtrs and 4 x 4 rates up to 2.0mtrs.

Costs to Ship a Car Overseas

For a standard saloon car, international car shipping costs to Australia (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Fremantle) will be on average £2,165.00 for roll on/roll off or £1,195.00 if shipped in our shared container services for saloon cars. Car shipping costs to the USA can be as low as £995.00. However if you are looking to ship either your saloon or 4 x 4 to LimassolCyprus our vehicle shipping costs start from as little as £650.00 for a saloon or £830 for an SUV

The larger the vehicle the more expensive your shipping will become, for example a 4 x 4 will cost approximately £250 to £300  more than a saloon vehicle, as the height becomes the major cost factor, it is usually based on any car over 1.60 mtrs.

Best Car Shipping Rates

Destination Costs for saloon cars start from
Africa £1195.00
Australia £1195.00
Botswana £1995.00 – includes clearance in Namibia
Brazil £795.00
Cameroon £985.00
Canada £995.00
Cape Town £1365.00 (20ft CNTR)
China £1295.00
Cyprus £650.00
Dar Es Salaam £1195.00
Durban £1195.00
Freetown (Sierra Leone) £985.00
Gambia n/a
Hong Kong £995.00
India £1695.00
Jamaica (Kingston) £1295.00
Japan £1295.00
Kenya £1195.00
Malta £945.00
Maputo N/A
Mexico £1295.00
New York £995.00
New Zealand £1195.00
Nigeria £895.00

See our Infographics guide on how much it will cost to ship a car overseas, what paperwork is needed and the shipping options offered. Also to make currency conversions using live exchange rates go to

It explains the reasons how the cost of shipping depends on the way that you ship a car

This is the approximate cost of shipping. The exact price depends on many factors, such as size of your vehicle, way of shipping, insurance, etc.

If your destination isn’t listed please complete our quick quote form or contact us and we will tell you exact costs for your destination.

For further information about shipping a car, van, truck, or motorhome to chosen destination then please either contact us today or complete our quick quote form for a no obligation quotation.

UK Vehicle Collection Costs

We can arrange collection from anywhere in the UK by either Car Transporters or by a Fully insured plate driver. It is however more cost effective to use the Plate Driver Service & collection can normally be made within 48 hours of receiving your booking form. All you need is a current MOT certificate. A typical collection from London to Southampton will cost on average £130.00. You will need to ensure that there is enough fuel in the vehicle or you will be charged at cost if we have to purchase any on the way to the port.

If however you are arranging to drop your own vehicle off at the port to save costs, you will need to have paperwork sent to you first such as the shipping note and delivery instructions. We will make sure that you have these sent to you prior to delivery to the port and in plenty of time. Failure to have a valid shipping note will result in your vehicle being denied access to the port for delivery.

Typically, your car shipping quotation will be priced up to destination port where all local fees are to be paid by you upon arrival of your vehicle. We can however offer door to door rates for some destinations although local charges will still need to be paid by you for certain charges such as duties and taxes.