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Roll On Roll Off Shipping Services To and From the UK

Roll on/Roll car shipping also known as Ro-Ro is a safe & reliable way of shipping any rolling cargo such as; saloon cars, 4 x 4’s, trucks, caravans, motorhomes and plant machinery overseas by sea. Roll-on-Roll-off can work out to be the cheapest option when shipping a vehicle abroad due to its ease of loading and unloading. However, this may not always be case and other options for shipment would need to be considered.

Plant machinery can either be on tracks or wheels so both can be either driven or towed on to the vessel with ease. Caravans are not powered under there own steam so will be towed and secured to the vessel decks. Most shipping lines will charge a fee for towing, which is approximately £160.00 extra to the standard ocean freight charge.

How do you ship vehicles by RORO?

All vehicles are either driven or towed on to the vessel via a ramp by fully qualified vehicle handlers, called Stevedores. They are professionally trained drivers that will ensure that vehicles are driven safely on and off the vessel at each end. Once the vehicles are onboard the vessel, they will be strapped to various lashing points, usually 2 at the back and 1 on the front of the vehicle.

These straps are checked throughout the voyage by professional cargo handlers onboard and are tightened up throughout its voyage if required. This will then ensure a safe delivery without damage in to the overseas port. Most vehicle manufacturers opt for the option of roll on/roll off due how easy it is and is less time consuming than loading there vehicles in to containers. The cost of roll on/roll off car shipping is by far one of the cheapest ways of shipping a vehicle overseas.

Can personal items be loaded inside my vehicle?

Depending on where you would like your vehicle shipped to, will depend if you will be allowed to load any personal items, such as clothes, shoes or even tools inside the vehicle. There are some Roll on/Roll off operators that will allow items to be loaded when being shipped on board their vessels, however there are just as many RoRo operators that will not allow anything at all – if our clients do need to ship personal items within their vehicle to save costs and the operator does not allow this – it would then be advisable to ship your vehicle inside a 20ft or 40ft container or we can send these items on our weekly groupage service – ask for details.

We have been shipping cars by roll on roll off to AustraliaNew ZealandCyprusNamibiaSouth AfricaUSA and many other countries very successfully for years. This can work out to be the cheapest form of transport overall as there are less fees to consider at destination which will keep costs lower overall.