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Car Shipping to Zimbabwe - Ship Cars Ltd

Vehicle Shipping To Zimbabwe

Car Shipping UK to Zimbabwe

Are you looking to ship a vehicle to Zimbabwe? Ship Cars Ltd offer affordable shipping rates for any make or model of vehicle to Plumtree, Bulawayo or Harare. When shipping a car, van or truck to Zimbabwe, one of the most important things that you will be looking for is getting the best price. We offer affordable vehicle shipping rates to Zimbabwe via the ports of Walvis Bay in Namibia, Durban, Maputo or even Dar es Salaam. Our frequent sailings can accommodate your timetable from the ports of Tilbury, Southampton, Sheerness, Immingham or Teesport.

We can collect any vehicle from the UK and deliver it to any UK port & ship it to Zimbabwe. We can even assist you with the customs formalities whilst helping you to complete the necessary paper work. Our qualified members of staff are not just friendly and reliable, they have the knowledge to make exporting your vehicle a breeze to Zimbabwe.

Car shipping costs to Zimbabwe

For cheaper car shipping costs to Zimbabwe you will need to make sure that ALL costs are covered, from collection through to delivery. There are many costs to consider when shipping a vehicle to Zimbabwe, for example you have the cost to collect your vehicle, the cost to ship it, the cost to clear it through customs and the local arrival fees before even considering the cost to deliver it to one of Zimbabwe’s borders. Our car shipping costs to Zimbabwe have been put together to give our customers the best value for money. For one of our free quotes, simply complete our quick quote form and have your costs tailored to your very own individual requirements.

RORO Car Shipping to Zimbabwe

Roll On Roll off car shipping to zimbabwe

Roll on/roll off vehicle Shipping to Zimbabwe seems to be the preferred choice for our customers, the ease of exporting vehicles to Zimbabwe is favoured because of its cost. Our roro vessels sail frequently from the UK and provide a steady flow of transport to all surrounding countries such as Namibia, Maputo and Tanzania. These vessels are designed to carry multiple vehicles at any one time across many floors and is the preferred choice of transport for many car manufacturers alike. All vehicles, be it cars, vans, trucks, caravans, motorhomes or general plant machinery are secured to the floor of the vessel using straps. Safety on board the vessel is taken very seriously, only professional vehicle handlers are employed to look after your vehicle.

Weekly Container Shipping to Zimbabwe

Container shipping to zimbabwe

Ship Cars Ltd also offers weekly container shipping to Namibia, Durban, Maputo or Tanzania where we will arrange for delivery to Plumtree border, Bulawayo, Beitbridge or Harare. Our 20ft and 40ft container options are not just for vehicles, we can also ship most commodities from the UK easily. Be it door to door or port to port our services are as flexible as you are. We can deliver the container to your premises or arrange to have your vehicle delivered to our loading facility any day of the week.

The Shipping Process to Zimbabwe

Delivery of cars to Zimbabwe will take approximately 7-10 days after your vehicle has cleared customs in Namibia. Vehicles are transported on multi car transporters every week. Our partners in Zimbabwe will contact you and advise the date and time of when your vehicle is expected to arrive. Your vehicle will be delivered to the border only where you will then need to pay for customs clearance and any duty and/or taxes before your car is released. You will need to have a copy of the original V5C/Title to register your vehicle in Zimbabwe, unfortunately copies of documents are not sufficient evidence that you own the vehicle so please always have the original documentation with you.

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