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Car Shipping to Mombasa

  • Fast Information
  • Cost starts from: £1245
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: Monthly

RORO & Container Shipping to Mombasa

Ship Cars Ltd offers professional vehicle shipping to Mombasa. We can ship any vehicle by RORO (roll on/roll off) or container services both professionally and within budget to Kenya . Our highly qualified move managers will assist you with your export and are on hand to help you throughout the whole shipment process. We regularly ship cars, vans, trucks & mini buses to the port of Mombasa with sailings from Southampton, Tilbury, Teesport or Sheerness. Our competitive rates and guaranteed no hassle shipping help us to be one of the leaders in shipping vehicles to Mombasa.

RORO Car Shipping to Mombasa

Roll On Roll off shipping to Mombasa Vehicle shipping to Mombasa by RORO generally sails 1-2 times a month. Transit time to Mombasa takes on average 26-30 days from any of the UK ports. RORO car shipping is a very cost-effective way of shipping any vehicle to Kenya and is the preferred choice to anyone looking to save money on their shipment to Kenya.

RORO shipping to Mombasa offers a safe alternative to container shipping. These purpose-built vessels allow thousands of vehicles to be loaded and stowed compactly inside the ship at any one time. All vehicles are strapped to the floor of the ship to ensure that there is no chance of them moving freely, causing damage. Safety onboard these vessels is taken very seriously, with crew checking vehicles throughout the voyage right up to when the ship arrives at its destination.

Container Shipping to Mombasa

Container shipping cars to Mombasa

If RORO is not an option, we also offer affordable container shipping to Mombasa port. Containers sail from the port of Felixstowe or Tilbury every week. We can load 1 car inside a 20ft container or 2 cars inside a 40ft or 40ft HQ container with ease. Container vessels sail weekly, transit time takes approximately 26 days from quay to quay.

The Government of Kenya has issued a new directive that all import containers must now be carried by SGR (Standard Gauge Railways) and cleared from the ICD Embakasi depot, which now means all import containers will be carried to Embakasi ICD with or without the consent of the importers.

Now with this new directive we thought we could be of assistance in arranging your units coming in containers by nominating the CFS and stripping them in Mombasa instead of the consignee having to clear the vehicles in Embakasi ICD Depot.

QISJ Inspection

All vehicles must go through a QISJ inspection prior to it arriving in Mombasa. We can either arrange this for you in Tilbury or Manchester or you can opt to do this yourself with QISJ directly. Any vehicle being exported to Kenya must not exceed the maximum age limit of 8yrs for a second hand/used vehicle.

For further information on our car shipping to Mombasa services, call us today on Tel: 01495 320540 or WhatsApp: +44(0)7513 898320.

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