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Car Shipping To Maputo

  • Fast Information
  • Cost starts from: £660.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: 20 days

Car shipping to Maputo by roll on/roll off or container services provides our customers with some great choices when shipping a vehicle to Mozambique. First Base Freight have been shipping cars to Maputo from the ports of Southampton and Sheerness for over 10 years. Our successful track record keeps our regular customer coming back to us time after time. As a fully insured and regulated Freight Forwarder in the UK allows us to offer only the best services from the UK direct to Maputo every time.

As a friendly and professional team we can assist you with shipping your vehicle to Maputo by sea or air without issue. We can collect your vehicle from any UK postcode and have it safely delivered to the port or simply send you the paperwork required so that you can arrange to deliver it yourself. All staff are trained to high standards of customer care and are extremely knowledgeable about customs formalities either in the UK or in Maputo and will assist you from start to finish.

Car shipping costs to Maputo

Our car shipping costs to Maputo start from £660.00 for a standard size saloon car such as a Toyota Avensis from the port of Southampton or from Sheerness the cost is £760.00. The price for shipping a standard 4 x 4 will cost £890.00 from Southampton to Maputo whereas it will cost £995.00 from Sheerness. To find out the costs for vans, trucks or trailers to Maputo, you will need to contact us and advise the length, width and height of your vehicle as all larger vehicles are worked out on the overall dimensions and costs will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Roll on/Roll off car shipping to Maputo

Roll On/Roll off shipping to Maputo

RoRo also known as roll-on-roll-off is the most cost effective way to ship a vehicle to Maputo – these purpose built ships are designed purely for shipping rolling cargo. The transit time to ship a vehicle to Maputo takes approximately 21-23 days from the UK and offers a quicker transit time than any other method of transport by sea. RoRo is by far the most preferred method of shipment as it works out cheaper to Maputo. Our customers also find the fees in Mozambique work out cheaper to receive their vehicle as these are simply driven off and parked inside a secure compound until it is collected.

Container Car Shipping To Maputo

Container shipping cars to Maputo

Container car shipping to Maputo is usually preferred by customers who have high valued vehicles or are simply looking for that extra security. The cost to ship a container to Maputo is more expensive than RoRo but sometimes the safety aspect far out ways the extra cost involved to some of our clients.

Whatever suits, First Base Freight can help. We offer 20ft/40ft or 40ft HC container shipping to Mozambique and can accommodate any vehicle providing it fits within the specified container dimensions. It does not matter if the vehicle is fully operational or a non-runner, we can load it at the port for you and ensure that it is secured right throughout its voyage. The container option also suits clients looking to load items of value inside the vehicle as containers can only be opened by customs personnel or the warehouse where it will be unpacked. The vehicle can in most cases be loaded and unloaded whilst you are present to offer further peace of mind. All containers have their own unique seal and containers can be tracked whilst on the vessel.

Does my vehicle need an inspection before shipping to Maputo?

The simple answer is yes. First Base Freight can arrange for your Intertek Inspection prior to shipping your vehicle to Maputo – you will need to send us a copy of the proforma invoice. For us to arrange the inspection the importer must firstly apply to Intertek in Maputo to obtain a MOZ number. You can contact them directly on Tel: +258 214 07870. Once your importer has received the MOZ number you will need to advise us and tell us where we need to send the inspector to on a date and time convenient. The inspector will require 48-72 hours’ notice to arrange to do the inspection.

We will receive notification within 48-72 hours if your vehicle has passed its inspection – the certificate will be forwarded to Intertek in Maputo. Just a note, the inspector may refuse to inspect a vehicle if it is loaded with any items and your vehicle will not pass the inspection.

For further information on car shipping to Maputo by roro or container contact us today or simply complete our quick quote online.

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