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Car Shipping to Congo - First Base Freight Ltd

Car Shipping to Congo

  • Fast Information
  • Cost starts from: £895.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: 10 days

Car Shipping to Republic of Congo

Ship Cars Ltd offers reliable and affordable car shipping to Congo from the UK. Our roll on/roll off car shipping to Pointe Noire port operate from Tilbury every 2 weeks. We have successfully shipped many vehicles to Pointe Noire by both RORO & Container Services.

Our regular vehicle shipping service by either roro or container ensures that we have enough room on our vessels to ship your vehicle every time without fail to Congo and its surrounding West African destinations.

Car shipping costs to Pointe Noire

Typical car shipping costs to Pointe Noire start from £895.00 for a standard saloon or hatchback whereas the cost to ship a 4 x 4 from Tilbury to Pointe Noire typically costs £995.00. For larger vehicles such as vans & trucks, you will need to tell us the length, width and height. The price quoted includes the ECTN (electronic cargo tracking note) that is required in Pointe Noire. If multiple vehicles are loaded on a vehicle there is an additional charge of £95.00 per chassis.

Roll on/roll off car shipping to Pointe Noire

Roll On/Roll off car shipping to Congo, Pointe Noire

Our RORO car shipping to Pointe Noire offers a cheaper way of shipping any self-propelled vehicle to the Republic of Congo. All cars, trucks, vans and motorhomes must be fully operational so they can be safely driven up the vessels ramp where they will be secured using straps to the floor of the ship. Professional vehicle handlers will check each strap securing the vehicle throughout its voyage and will continue to monitor for movement. Roll on/roll off shipping to Pointe Noire, Congo offers a safe alternative to container shipping and is a fraction of the cost.

Container Shipping to Pointe Noire

Container shipping to Pointe Noire

The other way of shipping your vehicle to Pointe Noire the Republic of Congo is by dedicated 20ft, 40ft or 40ft HC container. Our container services sail every 10 days from the port of Tilbury and offers a safer way of shipping a vehicle overseas. We can either secure your vehicle at our loading facility in Tilbury Freeport or we can deliver the container to your property where you can load this yourself.

Are there any import restrictions in Congo or DRC?

  • Imported second-hand cars or buses (less than 10 seats) should be less than 10 years of age from the year of manufacture
  • Imported second hand vans or buses (more than 10 seats) must be less than 7 years old from the year of manufacture
  • Imported used Lorries must be less than 10 years old
  • Left Hand Drive Vehicles only in DRC
  • Same restrictions do not apply for Congo

What Paperwork is needed to ship a vehicle to Congo?

When shipping any vehicle to Congo, we will require copies of the following documents as per the requirements of the import regulations and customs procedures at the destination. There is no pre-inspection required on second hand vehicles, however this will be required if you are shipping a New vehicle.

  • Copy of the V5C (log book)
  • Copy of the purchase invoice
  • Photo page of your passport

Once your vehicle arrives you must send original documents to your clearing agent either in Pointe Noire or in Boma.

  • Original V5C (lob book)
  • Original Bill of lading
  • Original Freight invoice
  • The original bill of lading must show the full make and model of vehicle, the year of manufacture and the full chassis number

If you should have any further enquiries about shipping your vehicle to Congo or the DRC then please contact one of our valued members of staff today.

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