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Car Shipping Services

Car Shipping

Car Shipping Services

Our reliable and professional car shipping services sail regularly from many ports throughout the UK. We are an Independent, family run vehicle shipping company. We specialise in the safe shipment of vehicles by sea. Our roll on/roll off and container services allows us to offer a few options on how to ship a vehicle overseas. Our first-class car shipping service with budget busting prices makes us an affordable choice.

If you are interested in finding out how much it costs to ship a car, our vehicle shipping rates are continually getting cheaper. We’re always looking at ways to save you money. We have now introduced the revolutionary r-rack service direct to Australia, Cyprus and New Zealand. This innovative vehicle shipping system allows us to load up to 4 cars together inside a 40ft HC container. Prices can drastically vary depending on destination. Shipping your car to Australia for example can costs a lot more than shipping your vehicle more locally in Europe to Cyprus or Italy for example.

How Car Shipping Services Work

There are several ways to ship your vehicle overseas. As mentioned previously, Ship Cars Ltd offer roll on roll off shipping, container shipping (20ft, 40ft and 40 ft high cube) and shared container shipping.

Our roll on/roll off shipping service offers:

  • The most economical way of shipping a car from or to the UK
  • Secure shipping by either driving or towing vehicles on to the vessel which are secured to the lower decks.
  • Shipping to many Sea ports throughout the world
  • Weekly or fortnightly services from and to Southampton
  • Regular safety checks throughout the journey by professional vehicle handlers
  • Our regular and highly sought after car shipping destinations are as follows, you can also get your RoRo rates to Australia, CyprusUSANamibiaSouth AfricaMaputoJamaicaNew Zealand.

Our container shipping service offers:

  • Cost-effective and a safe way of shipping vehicles & general cargo overseas
  • Dedicated or shared container options (20ft, 40ft or 40ft HC)
  • Many designated loading depots situated across the UK
  • UK vehicle collection services at very competitive rates

We remain on call during the evenings and weekends so you can always contact us for further peace of mind. Rest assured that you are never alone when shipping your car overseas with us.

The Cost of Shipping a Car Overseas

To get an exact vehicle shipping quote, we will need to know the vehicle make and model, its dimension if it’s van, truck, trailer or motorhome and where you are shipping to.

When looking at the costs to ship your car overseas, it is very important that you budget for all fees both here in the UK and overseas. All car shipping rates vary from vehicle to vehicle and country to country.

Our car shipping costs are based on many factors. These are:

  • Fuel prices
  • Currency strengths and weaknesses (R.O.E)
  • Volume of traffic

When we give a quote, this is valid for a period of 30 days. If car shipping costs increase, your initial quote won’t be affected.

Paperwork Requirements

All documentation must be emailed or posted to us prior to the vessel sailing. Please find a list below of the paperwork that is required to ship your car overseas.

  • Copy of the V5C (log book, title)
  • Photo page of your passport
  • Copy of the purchase invoice for the vehicle
  • Packing list if goods are loaded inside the vehicle

Leaving Personal Belongings Inside the Vehicle

There are a select few shipping lines that will allow personal goods to be loaded inside a vehicle when shipped by RORO services. As a rule of thumb, vehicles being shipped from either Southampton or Portbury in Bristol to anywhere overseas are not permitted to have any belongings left inside it. There are a few exceptions however, it is always best to ask further advice when booking your shipment. If you are shipping a vehicle inside a container then goods can be loaded inside the vehicle without issue.

Why Choose Ship Cars Ltd

There are hundreds of overseas car shipping companies offering their own unique shipping service. We are proud to have been shipping cars overseas for over 10 years. Our knowledge and expertise help us to keep one step ahead of the market place and allows us to provide valuable information to anyone looking to ship their car overseas successfully.

As one of the UK’s leading car shipping companies, we keep our standards high and keep you up to date with any new rules and regulations. It’s not just about shipping a car with us, we take pride in making your experience a good one.