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How to Get the Best Out of Car Shipping Services

Car shipping across the world as you move to a new country to start a new life, take a new job or just experience a new way of living is an integral part of a move and there are some key aspects to look at to ensure you get the most out of your money, and that your car travels safely and arrives in the condition you would expect.

Roll On Roll Off Car Shipping

Roll on roll off car shipping is one of the most popular ways to ship a car internationally, and also lends itself to shipping larger items such as caravans, motorhomes and even plant machinery.

The ease of use, cost effectiveness and benefit to your overall move makes roll on roll off car shipping a popular choice for those moving and in some cases you can store personal items in the car to ease in the transition at the other end. This will of course be dependent on the location and import laws in the location you’re moving to.

Car Shipping Service Agreements

Agree up front the terms and conditions of any service agreements and ensure you know when and where these agreements will be met by your provider.

If in doubt about any agreements, contact your car shipping provider for an update and reconfirmation of any terms agreed.

Customs Charges

The most important element of any car shipping agreement and subsequent move is the understanding of any customs charges associated with the move and how these differ depending on engine size, car age and the location moving to.

Again, for clarity on this you should contact your car shipping provider and ensure you are fully aware of any liability involved with car shipping.


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