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Vehicle Shipping Rates

How Much to Ship a Car Overseas?

Car transport costs are an important factor when deciding whether if it’s worth shipping your vehicle overseas or not. The rates to ship cars abroad can vary quite dramatically as there are several things to consider such as; 1. Vehicle make & model, 2. Destination, 3. Import arrival fees, 4. Duties & taxes, 5. Service required to name only a few. As a guide, to ship a saloon car from the UK to Cyprus costs starts from £495 + VAT, whereas Jamaica costs from £945 and Australia from £795. How much to ship a car overseas should be your first question when weighing up if it is worth it or not.

Ship Cars Ltd offer multi modal transport services, for example we offer shared container services from Rainham, Enfield or Ipswich. RORO tends to sail from Southampton, Bristol, Tilbury, Sheerness, Teesport or Immingham in most cases. We can occasionally offer shipments by RORO from Newcastle upon Tyne. The car transport cost will vary depending on the mode of shipment, the distance it is being shipped to along with the amount of traffic moving to or from that part of the world.

Best Car Transport Costs

Destination Costs for saloon cars start from
Africa £795.00
Australia £1395.00
Botswana £2100.00 – includes clearance in Namibia
Brazil £985.00
Cameroon £985.00
Canada £1195.00
Cape Town £2495.00 (20ft CNTR)
China £1195.00
Cyprus £655.00
Dar Es Salaam £1245.00
Durban £1195.00
Freetown (Sierra Leone) £990.00
Hong Kong £965.00 (20ft Container)
India £1595.00
Jamaica (Kingston) £1250.00
Japan £1195.00
Kenya £1245.00
Malta £890.00
Mexico £1195.00
New York £1195.00
New Zealand £1595.00
Nigeria £795.00

The car transport cost will depend on the size of your vehicle. For example, a saloon car will be cheaper than a 4×4 or a van. Saloon cars take up less space within the ship and will therefore cost a lot less to ship overseas. The bigger the vehicle the more space the vehicle takes up the more cost is charged by the shipping line.

Car Transport Cost – UK collection services

Another cost to consider; Do you have your vehicle collected or will you drive it to the port of departure? We offer collection of any vehicle by fully insured trade plate driver provided that the vehicle has a current MOT and is fully operational. Alternatively, and if preferred we can also offer collection by car carrier from anywhere throughout the UK for you. The cost to collect and deliver your vehicle will depend on the mileage and where in the UK your vehicle is situated. Please ask us for further details if you are considering this option.

For an accurate cost to ship a car which is tailored to your very own requirements, simply complete our vehicle shipping quote form or simply call us and talk to one of our staff today on Tel: 01495 320540 or WhatsApp: +44(0)7513 898320.