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Car Shipping to New York - First Base Freight Ltd

Car Shipping to New York

  • Fast Information
  • Cost starts from: £745.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: weekly

Car shipping to New York offers a fast and efficient way of transporting any vehicle from the UK to the USA. Our roll on/roll off and dedicated container services sail weekly which takes approximately 8 days from port to port. First Base Freight have been successfully shipping vehicles from and to New York for over 10 years and can offer a door to door collection and delivery service with ease.

For a reliable vehicle shipping service to New York, we engage the services of only highly reputable shipping lines that sail directly from and to the US every week. Our fully insured and regulated company allows us to confidently ship your vehicle and to guarantee that it arrives in perfect condition every time. We work with a great selection of reliable US partners who can assist with customs clearance, complete the required ISF filing and even arrange collection or delivery to anywhere throughout the USA. These carefully selected partners have continued to work with us for 10 years, they can be relied on at all times to get the job done efficiently and professionally for a great price without issue.

Car shipping costs to New York

Our car shipping costs to New York start from £745.00 for a standard size saloon car such as a Mercedes CLK by Ro-Ro, whereas the cost to ship a standard size 4 x 4 such as a Toyota Rav 4 is £895.00. All rates are subject to change due to fuel fluctuations. For an up to date rate please complete our quick quote form or call us today.

Roll on/Roll off car shipping to New York

Roll On/Roll off shipping to New-York

Roll on/roll off (RoRo) car shipping to New York offers a safe and reliable way of shipping a vehicle to the US. Our roro vessels operate from the port of Southampton every week to the port of Newark and are known in the industry to be a valued choice for anyone looking to ship car, van, truck, caravan or motorhome there. These purpose built ships have been designed to ship either rolling or tracked cargo easily across the ocean. Minimal handling of vehicles encourages better rates both in the UK and in the port of Newark. Vehicles are secured below deck using ratchet straps and/or wheel braces. Professional crew will monitor all vehicles throughout the voyage to ensure that straps remain secure at all times, safety on board these vessels is paramount in its successful shipment overseas.

Container shipping to New York

Container shipping cars to New-York

First Base Freight also offer weekly container shipping to New York for either a 20ft, 40ft or 40ft HC container. Container shipping to the USA offers that next level of secure shipping from the UK for people either shipping high valued vehicles or if they are simply loading personal items inside the vehicle. Vehicles are secured by professional loaders and packers at one of our many loading facilities throughout the UK, secured using ratchet straps and wooden wheel blocks before being sealed inside the corrugated steel container.

Are there any import restrictions in the USA?


Non-Conforming (Non-U.S. Version) Vehicles

  • EPA strongly recommends that prospective importers buy only U.S. version (labeled) vehicles, because of the expense and potential difficulties involved with importing a non-U.S. version vehicle.
  • Non-U.S. version vehicles less than 21 years old must be modified to meet U.S. emission and safety standards and/or to be identical to U.S. version vehicles and must be imported by an Independent Commercial Importer (ICI).
  • EPA strongly recommends that current owners of non-U.S. version vehicles sell or Otherwise dispose of those vehicles overseas rather than ship and import them into the U.S., because of the expense and potential difficulties involved with importing a non- U.S. version vehicle.
  • The EPA policy which permitted importers a one-time exemption for vehicles at least five years old has been eliminated.
  • Before shipping a non-conforming vehicle for importation, EPA strongly recommends that the importer either make final arrangements with an ICI for modifications and testing, or obtain EPA approval in writing for importation. Storage fees at the ports are costly, and the vehicle may not be eligible for importation.
  • Not all non-conforming vehicles are eligible for importation, and ICIs are not required to accept vehicles for which they have qualifying certificates of conformity.
  • EPA certification of ICIs does not guarantee the actions or work of the ICIs, nor does it regulate contractual agreements and working relationships with vehicle owners.

For further information on car shipping to New York or any other destination in the USA, please contact one our highly trained members of staff, or simply complete our online quick quote today and we’ll get straight back to you.

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