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Car Shipping To Brisbane

  • Fast Information
  • Cost starts from: £795.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: weekly

Car shipping to Brisbane by roll-on-roll-off or by dedicated or shared container servicesoffers a very safe and secure way of shipping any vehicle to Australia from the UK by sea freight. First Base Freight, a fully insured and regulated company has been shipping cars, trucks, caravans and motorhomes to Brisbane for over 10 years very successfully. Roll on/roll off car shipping to Brisbane operates from the ports of Southampton or Newcastle upon Tyne 3 times a month in to Australia.

So whether you relocating to Brisbane or simply shipping a vehicle to the city for a holiday, we can help you ship your vehicle their without issue every time. Our very knowledgeable staff with experience in shipping to Brisbane will assist you with the shipping of your vehicle, from collection in the UK to arrival Brisbane port. First Base Freight work closely with agents in Brisbane who offer their service for a small fee, they will clear your vehicle through customs and complete the documentation for you to help keep the process as smooth and as trouble-free as possible.

Car Shipping Costs to Brisbane

  • Our roll on/roll off car shipping costs to Brisbane start from as low as £875.00 for saloons with 4 x 4’s costing £1110.00from Southampton or Newcastle.
  • The cost to ship a car to Brisbane in a 20ft container is £1175.00 and 2 vehicles loaded inside a 40ft or 40ft HC container cost £1895.00 to Brisbane.
  • We also offer shared container services from our loading facility in Rainham, Essex at a cost of £795.00 for a saloon car and £895.00 for a 4 x 4 to Brisbane.

Roll on/Roll off car shipping to Brisbane

Roll On/Roll off shipping to Brisbane

Our roll on/roll off car shipping to Brisbane offers a safe way of shipping a vehicle to Australia. These purpose built ships house thousands of vehicles at any one time and are renowned for their ease of loading and unloading at the ports. Time is money in shipping, so the less time involved in handling the vehicle, the cheaper the price to ship it becomes.

Even though our shared container service is slightly cheaper on the export, the same cannot be said once it arrives in Brisbane. With roro shipping, vehicles are secured to the bed of the vessel using ratchet straps to the front and to the rear of every vehicle. Saloon cars and 4×4’s will load on one level whilst larger vehicles such as trucks, caravans and motorhomes will load on another. All vehicles will be loaded below deck away from the elements which will help to keep them protected against the wind, sea and rain.

Container Shipping to Brisbane

Container shipping cars to Brisbane

Container shipping to Brisbane is a great choice for our customers if they have personal items that they want to take. Unlike the roro option, when shipping a vehicle either in a dedicated or a shared container, items can be loaded inside the vehicle for no extra charge. Our dedicated 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HC containers sail from the port of Southampton every week, whereas our shared container services must first load at our loading facility in Rainham, Essex.

Container shipping to Brisbane offers a very safe and secure method of shipping high a valued vehicle. Vehicles are secured using ratchet straps and wooden chocks which help to stop the vehicle moving whilst inside the container when it’s being shipped overseas.

Import Permits for Brisbane

You must first apply and obtain an Import Permit prior to even thinking about shipping a vehicle to Brisbane. The one thing to consider before you ship any vehicle to Australia is that you will firstly need to obtain this Permit by completing the application form where acceptance or denial can take anything up to 6 weeks in busy periods. See more information under the Personal Imports Scheme. If you do not have one of these permits in place prior to shipping your vehicle then you may encounter problems importing it in to Brisbane. Any vehicles arriving in Brisbane without the Import Permit will face having their vehicle shipped back to the UK at their own expense.

Import permit application & guide

Please find the Import Approval Guide and Application below for when you are thinking about shipping your car to Brisbane. Please allow up to 6 weeks in busy periods before you ship it to Australia.

For further information on shipping a car, motorhome, caravan or truck to Brisbane then please contact us today.

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