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Car Shipping to New Zealand - First Base Freight Ltd

Car Shipping to New Zealand

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  • Cost starts from: £1395.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: weekly

Shipping Vehicles UK to New Zealand

Are you looking for a professional vehicle shipping company to ship your car to New Zealand? Ship Cars Ltd transport cars, vans, motorhomes & caravans to Auckland, Lyttelton and Wellington every week. From RORO to our Shared and dedicated container services, we can offer really good rates to anyone looking to export their vehicle from the UK.

As a fully insured vehicle shipper that has over 10 years’ experience, we strive to provide a first-class service every time. Our highly experienced members of staff will assist you with the shipment of your vehicle. We will keep in touch with you throughout the shipment process and will provide you with the documentation to ensure that your vehicle is shipped successfully and without any issue.

Costs to Ship Cars to New Zealand

Car shipping costs to New Zealand vary, the price depends on the port of arrival and how you decide to ship it. As a rule of thumb, Auckland is the cheapest port to ship a vehicle to on our shared container services. RORO is less expensive on the ocean freight, with the import arrival fees when shipped by RORO are cheaper upon arrival than if shipped by container for example. Our car shipping cost on our shared container services start from £2295, whereas RORO costs start from £1395 for a standard size saloon car. To obtain a price to ship your vehicle to New Zealand, please complete the online quote form and we’ll send you our most competitive rate.

RORO Car shipping to New Zealand

Roll On/Roll off shipping to New Zealand

Shipping a vehicle by RORO to New Zealand is a great way of shipping a larger unit such as a large van, truck or motorhome. Larger vehicles cannot fit inside a container so RORO is the next best option for transporting by sea. Rates to ship a big vehicle are worked out on the overall dimensions, such as the length, width and height. To be able to offer a rate to ship by RORO you will need to provide these details so that we can accurately work out the cost of shipment. All vehicles being shipped by roll on/roll off must be clean both internally and externally to meet with strict quarantine standards. The downside to shipping by this method means that you cannot load any personal belongings inside the vehicle whilst it is being shipped overseas.

Shared Container Shipping to New Zealand

Container shipping cars to New Zealand

Our shared container services load at Rainham near Essex every week. Cars are loaded using the R-Rak system which allows up to 4 vehicles to be loaded together. This method means that you only pay for your share of the container. Costs start from £2295 to Auckland and £2395 to Lyttelton and Wellington for a saloon car. 4×4’s and vans are quoted on a case by case basis. The benefits of shipping a vehicle using the shared container services means that you can load your personal belongings inside the vehicle for no extra charge from the UK.

Quarantine Inspection in New Zealand

Motor vehicles must have been owned and used for 12 consecutive months or more preceding your departure to New Zealand failing which duty and/ or GST may apply. You should obtain a Compliance Certificate from the vehicle manufacturer demonstrating that the vehicle complies with New Zealand standards. Motor vehicles are subject to a physical inspection by MAF Biosecurity New Zealand (MAF). It is essential that the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed prior to shipment, paying particular attention to the wheel arches, the underside and engine compartment and interior, passenger and boot compartments. For further information please refer to the New Zealand Customs Website.

Paperwork Requirements for New Zealand?

When shipping vehicles to New Zealand, we would require copies of the following documentation:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

For further information on our car shipping to New Zealand services by RORO, shared or dedicated container services then please contact our office or complete the online quick quote form today.

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