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Car Shipping To Japan

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  • Cost starts from: £1195.00
  • Roll on/Roll off: Yes ✓
  • Container Shipping: Yes ✓
  • Frequency of sailing: weekly

Vehicle Shipping UK to Japan

Are you looking for a reliable car shipping company to Japan? We offer professional RORO & Container shipping to Japan ports for saloon cars, SUV’s & vans from the UK. Ship Cars Ltd has been successfully shipping vehicles for many years from the ports of Southampton, Felixstowe & London Gateway to ports right across Japan. Our ports in Japan include but are not limited to; Kawasaki, Hitchinaka, Nagoya, Toyohashi, Yokohama, Tokyo and Kobe.

Ship Cars Ltd is a fully regulated vehicle shipper which offers affordable shipping services by both RORO and dedicated container services every week. Our skills have been fine tuned to offer further peace of mind to anyone looking to ship their beloved vehicle to Japan. Our experience in shipping both classic and modern cars allows us to offer a first-class service.

Costs to ship Cars by RORO to Japan

The costs to ship cars from Southampton to the ports of Kawasaki, Hitchinaka& Nagoya start from £1195.00. The costs to ship to Yokohama and Toyohashi are slightly more expensive for saloon cars as rates for saloons and SUV’s are the same price at £1875.00. RORO shipping costs to Japan are far cheaper than if shipped by dedicated container. This will remain to be the favourite choice for many of our clients due to the great savings on offer.

RORO Car Shipping UK to Japan

Roll On Roll off car shipping to Japan

Shipping cars to Japan on purpose built roll on/roll off ships will always remain to be a great and reliable way of transporting a vehicle safely. All vehicles are driven inside the ship and are secured to the lower decks using straps to secure. Less handling means less cost at destination where time costs money in most cases as vehicles are simply driven on and off the ship. RORO shipping to Japan will always remain to be the favourite choice for anyone looking to save money on their shipment from the UK.

Container Shipping to Tokyo, Nagoya & Kobe

Container shipping cars to Japan

Container vessels sail every week and have the advantage over RORO vessels as you can load either personal belongings or vehicle spare parts inside the vehicle. There is no additional cost to load goods inside the vehicle and these will load in either a 20’, 40’ or 40’HQ container depending on the size of the vehicle being shipped. Container services sail from either Southampton, London Gateway or Felixstowe.

When shipping a vehicle by container to Japan, these are secured using straps around each wheel to make sure that the vehicle does not break loose whilst in transit. Our loaders will make sure that safety is adhered to when loading and will make sure to look after your vehicle throughout the loading process. You can rest assured that your vehicle will arrive in Japan in the exact same condition that it left the UK. To offer further peace of mind, photographs are taken throughout the loading so that you can feel safe in knowing that your vehicle has been cared for.

Vehicle Import Restrictions in Japan

All vehicles must first and foremost conform to the Japanese regulations and its strict specifications as outlined in the Japan Automobile Federation, also known as JAF. You must firstly contact JAF to get the (CPD) Carnet de Passages en Douane certified if shipping a vehicle on a temporary basis. Any preliminary inspections and emissions tests must be performed before a vehicle can be driven at all in Japan. Any vehicle that is to remain in Japan for less than a year, can be imported in to Japan without having to pay for any duty or taxes. For further information MLIT inspection required it may be worth you visiting their website for more details.

For further information on our car shipping to Japan services by either roll on/roll off or by container, please feel free to contact us today or simply fill out our quick quote form and we’ll get straight back to you.

For further details on importing a car in to Japan, please find our guide here.

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