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What is Included In Your Car Shipping Price?

So you have decided you want to ship your car abroad. You go on the internet, find few shipping companies and request some quotes. But how do you know what are the best rates and what is included in the international car shipping price?

With car shipping there is always a lot of money in question. But wouldn’t it be nice to know what is in the price that we are paying? There is a lot of things included in car shipping price.

Let’s have a look at the most common things international car shipping companies are looking at while giving you your estimate shipping cost.


Car Shipping Company

It is important to know all the information. You can spend hours browsing the internet for a company that will be amazing or will have no luck at all. It is a good thing so spend some time searching because sometimes the cheapest and fastest ones are not the best one.


Type of vehicle

The size and the type of car you want to ship is a very important factor. The bigger the vehicle the more expensive your shipping will be.

What is also important is the year the car is from. If it is a very old car like Corvette or Mustang you also need a special company that knows how to deal with these types of cars.

In rare cases, companies will allow you to keep your stuff in the car for extra cost, but it is not unusual that the company will ask you to remove everything from the car.



The distance always plays a big role in shipping your car to a different country. It depends in which country it is shipped. It of course will be much cheaper when you ship your car in Europe than shipping it to for example Australia.

Car shipping rates will also vary depending fuel increase, currency changes or the volume and frequency of traffic.


The Way Your Car is Going to be Shipped

In the world of shipping your car abroad we have two different methods how to ship your car.

There is a method called Roll-on-Roll-off is when vehicles are driven on to the vessel, the vehicle handlers put straps on it and take it to its final destination or you can ship your car in a container.


How Will You Get The Car To The Port

If you want the company to help you if you pay extra, someone will come and pick your car up and drive it to the port. If you want to save some money on this, you can drive your own vehicle to the port. The company will however need to send you the shipping information and needed paper work before you hand them the car in.