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Vehicle Collection Services in the UK

You’ve decided to ship your vehicle overseas but not sure how you’ll get it there. This is a common dilemma for many of our customers until they engage our services. Whatever the vehicle, we can collect it for you from anywhere in the UK and have it delivered safely for you. For all running vehicles we offer two options, firstly by trade plate driver (although the vehicle must have a current MOT) or secondly on a transporter. If your vehicle does not operate we can collect using our vast network of recovery companies situated right across the UK.

What is a trade plate driver collection?

Basically this is a professional man or woman that has trade plates, this allows them to drive any vehicle on the UK roads legally. These drivers have their own insurance so any vehicle being collected by them are covered for any mishaps, accidents or damage whilst they are in charge of your vehicle. The trade plate driving option is by far the cheapest on offer to collect and drive a vehicle to anywhere throughout the UK. Providing that the vehicle is fully operational and has an MOT there is no need to worry about getting insurance or tax on your vehicle for this option. The one downside to collecting and driving your vehicle using trade plates is that their insurance does not cover for anything loaded inside the vehicle. Some trade plate drivers will refuse to drive a vehicle if it is found to have anything loaded on it or inside it. Fuel for the collection is charged only after the delivery but then it is only if it is required. Any vehicle breakdowns are for the account of the vehicle owner including recovery to a nominated garage for repair.

Trade Plate Driver Costs

Our rates (exclusive of fuel and VAT) are banded by mileage and are as follows:

Mileage Cost
0-50 £95.00
51-75 £110.00
76-100 £120.00
101-125 £125.00
126-150 £140.00
151-175 £150.00
Mileage Cost
176-200 £165.00
201-225 £170.00
226-250 £190.00
251-300 £200.00
301-350 £230.00
351-400 £250.00

These rates are applicable for vehicles up to and including 7.5T. Higher rated vehicles will be quoted on request. Waiting time is charged at £25.00 per hour. Any breakdowns, tyre punctures, recovery costs etc are payable by you and you will be notified of costs as soon as possible. Route mileage is calculated using AA Auto route.

All cancellations must be notified to us in writing by 12 noon of the working day prior to the vehicle movement taking place. If not, the full price of the job will be charged to you. Please note toll and congestion charges are NOT included in any quotes and any collections or deliveries within the M25 are subject to a minimum charge of £95.00 + fuel if required.

Why vehicle collection by transporter can be the best option?

Although it is relatively more expensive to have your vehicle collected using a car transporter, this can sometimes still work out the best option. The vehicle simply needs to be able to drive up and down the transporters ramp and does not need to have an MOT to be collected. There are no recovery fees especially if you are unsure if the car or truck will be able to be driven for a long distance without breaking down.

Door to Terminal or Terminal to Terminal?

Another distinction in car shipping is either door to terminal shipping or terminal to terminal shipping, we will break down the differences right now. Door to terminal is either when the transporter will come straight to your place of residence, either a house, a garage or a forecourt and pick up your vehicle or is collected and driven to the port by a Trade Plate Driver. The vast majority of shipping happens door to terminal and is by far one of the safest and most convenient ways to ship a vehicle. Whereas with terminal to terminal shipping, you can drive your vehicle directly to the port of departure and collect it once it arrives at its final destination.

Our UK Vehicle collection services offers a very secure way of transporting your car from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. We can collect your car or truck from any postcode and deliver the vehicle to a shipping port such as Sheerness or to any other postcode in the UK. The only other stipulation required if using a trade plate driver is that the vehicle must have steering and brakes. Tyres must be legal for the driver to drive your vehicle. Please be aware when engaging the trade plate driver, fuel is not part of the cost given by us.