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Car Shipping Tips

Car Shipping Tips and Advice

Safer Car Shipping Guide

If you’re new to shipping cars then there’s a lot of information that you’re probably trying to get your head around. To keep things less complicated we have devised 3 main key points that will outline the car shipping process for you. This process doesn’t need to be tedious or tiresome, however following this guide will help alleviate any un-necessary worries beforehand, during and after it has arrived.

When you’re shipping cars to another country there are procedures that need to be followed. Get it right and you collect your car at the other end without any hassle. Get it wrong, and your car could be impounded by customs officials.

Car Shipping Requirements

In order to ship your vehicle successfully, you need to make sure that you have all the information you need from both the UK and at your destination. That includes the mode of transport that you’re using such as roll on/roll off or container servicesthe paperwork that’s required by the destination country, the physical state of your car and the collection procedure. Using a specialist shipper is advisable because they can handle much of this for you, but there are still some elements of the process that you have to be responsible for:

  1. Paperwork – unsurprisingly, your vehicle needs to be accompanied by the right paperwork both when it is loaded in the UK and when it is unloaded in the destination country. Whilst the UK requirements are the same for each car, they vary from country to country, so you need to know exactly what paperwork is expected at your destination and arrange to have it available when your shipment arrives. Do you need to apply for an import permit or arrange to have your vehicle inspected before exporting from the UK? The wrong papers or a lack of information could lead to local customs officers refusing to release your car.
  2. Insurance – if you’re driving to the port, your vehicle still needs to be insured for that journey within the UK and you may also need cover if you’re collecting your car from the destination port and driving it straight away. Car shipping insurance is optional and will be available through the freight company you use, so check with your representative if you have any queries.
  3. Fit-to-drive – for some shipping options, your vehicle has to be drivable so that it can be manoeuvred on and off the ship. If you are using a plate driver – someone who collects your car and drives it to the port for you – your car must have a valid MOT if it needs one. It’s your responsibility to ensure that your car is safe to drive.

What Paperwork is required to ship a car?

When shipping any vehicle overseas you must have the relevant paperwork for both the export and the import process. Copies of these documents are required but the original V5C (log book or title) will be needed to re-register the vehicle at your chosen destination.

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

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