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Can I Ship My Vehicle With Belongings?

Can I Ship My Vehicle With Belongings?

We regularly receive questions from people wanting to know if they can ship their vehicle with belongings inside. The short answer is YES, providing certain operators allow this.

Shipping Your Vehicle With Belongings Inside

If you are looking to ship your vehicle with belongings using the roll on roll off method, it generally depends on where you are going and the operator in question. Some operators will let you ship your vehicle with belongings and some will not, which can be a pain.

Operators will need to spend time checking your vehicle and your belongings to evaluate whether they are safe for travelling across seas. For security reasons, you might not be able to send your car across seas with items inside. This only applies to roll on roll off shipping operators however. If you are finding you are having trouble trying to find an operator that allows you to ship your vehicle with belongings using roll on roll off method, then it might be time to consider an alternative.

Shipping Personal Items With Your Vehicle

When roll on roll off shipping isn’t possible, we would recommend using container shipping to send your belongings overseas. Both your vehicle and your valuable possessions can be secured safely inside a container before being shipped across water.

There are different options available for container shipping in the form of:

  • 20 ft Containers
  • 40 ft Containers
  • 40 ft High Cube Containers
  • Shared Containers

Your car shipping company can help you decide on which method would be best for you, depending on the vehicle you have, the destination you are shipping to and the volume of goods you wish to send.

What Next?

It’s important for you to think about the volume of goods you wish to send across seas with your vehicle, whether they need to be inside the vehicle or packed separately in boxes.

Depending on the amount of goods you have will depend on the size of the container. For lesser amounts a 20 ft container might suffice, although for larger loads, a 40 ft high cube container might be required.

Once you have completely decided on the level of goods you wish to ship overseas, you will need to get in touch with First Base Freight to find out about costs, dates and destinations. At this point, it’s down to you to provide us with all the important details regarding your journey, such as insurance details and the make/model of your car.

For those of you that still have questions relating to shipping vehicles with belongings inside, we’d encourage you to get in touch and speak to a member of the First Base Freight team. We can answer any questions you have,help you to make an informed decision and provide you with a free quote too.