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International Truck Shipping Services

Shipping Trucks around The World

Rates to ship trucks overseas will vary quite substantially depending on the size of it. A Man truck will measure different to say an ERF or a Volvo for example and rates are based on its volumetric cubic metre. When obtaining a cost to ship a truck overseas you’ll always need to advise the length, width and height so that an accurate rate can be provided by us. First Base Freight have a wealth of experience when it comes to successfully shipping trucks and trailers by roll on/roll off services from the UK. We can even collect it from any UK postcode and have it safely delivered to the port of export for you.

How much does it cost to ship a truck overseas?

Again all truck shipping rates will vary and is dependent on its overall size, if it is just the truck head or even if there is a trailer attached to it. So for ease of quoting we’ll assume that your vehicle measures 13.60 x 2.50 x 3.90mtrs and is empty. Based on these dimensions you’ll be looking at costs of £6985.00 to Dubai or £7250.00 to Tanzania for example.

The other thing to remember when shipping a truck to certain destinations is a pre-inspection, some countries will insist that trucks and even cars have to have an inspection to check its road worthiness prior to shipping out of the UK. If an inspection is required at your chosen destination and this has not been completed prior to shipping, there will be fines that can run in to the thousands of pounds if you haven’t complied beforehand. So always check with us first before committing to ship any vehicle overseas.

Truck Shipping – UK Collection Services

We offer a service in which we can collect your Truck & Trailer from anywhere in the UK and deliver it to the port. This can then be loaded onto a roll on/roll off vessel, where it is secured for transit. All trucks and trailers will require extra lashing due its size. Security is a major factor when shipping a truck, so every care is taken when it has been driven on board the vessel to ensure its safe transit throughout its voyage.

We will update you every step of the way, from when the Truck has been collected right up until the truck arrives at the port and is discharged from off the vessel. We arrange all UK customs clearance for you free of charge. Our prices include UK handling fees, documentation fees and port security (unless otherwise stated)

When shipping a truck overseas, we also offer Marine insurance to cover; fire damage, water damage and total loss. Marine insurance is optional, it is there if you decide that you would like to have further peace of mind.

What Paperwork is required to ship trucks overseas?

When shipping a Truck from the UK, we would require copies of the following documentation:

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

For further information on shipping a truck overseas, contact us today.