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Shipping Personal Effects Inside Your Vehicle

The most popular question when shipping a vehicle overseas is if you can load the vehicle with any luggage or personal effects. We see the logic in this as it can be costly just to send a few boxes overseas and if you are already shipping your vehicle then you might as well make the most of what you are paying by loading it up as much as you can.

Container Shipping

When shipping your vehicle in a container this is absolutely fine however if you wish to insure your goods against damage you will need to take an additional policy to cover your items in transit.

Shipping your vehicle in a container is the most secure method of shipping as your vehicle is strapped down and secured into place using straps and chocks to stop the vehicle from moving. The container doors are locked and recorded with a unique seal number, only you, customs officers and unloaders will be able to open the container meaning that during transit, no one will have access to your vehicle or your goods.

You will not be able to load any personal effects outside of the vehicle in the container; we have a lot of enquiries from people asking for 40FT containers to ship their car and their household goods in. This is unsafe as goods may come loose damaging the contents of the container meaning no shipping line will allow this as the risks are too high and they will not accept any liability for any damages.

Roll on Roll off

Choosing to ship your vehicle roll on roll off (RORO) is the most common and usually cheapest method of shipping your car overseas however it is not guaranteed that you will be allowed to load your vehicle. Depending on the location, only a few shipping lines will allow you to load your vehicle when shipping RORO, they must be secured inside the vehicle and not blocking the view for the stevedores to drive the vehicles on and off the vessel.

The main issue with loading personal effects inside a vehicle when shipping RORO is the security, no shipping line will accept any liability for your goods as there is no additional charge to load the vehicle. Inclusive of all our rates is port security in the UK however the issues of theft may arise when the vehicle is at sea or if there is any port security at your arrive destination.

If you would like to find out if you can load your vehicle with personal effects when shipping overseas then please contact us and we will let you know if we can offer that service and also the risks that maybe involved.