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What is a Shipping Note (SSN)?

The shipping note is a document used in the shipment of goods by sea. These are addressed by the shipper to the chief officer of the vessel who requests for him to receive on board specified goods and a receipt for the mate to sign. Upon receiving a signature is called the mate’s receipt and is surrendered by the shipper for the bills of lading.

These notes are required to allow you access on to the port of departure for the shipment of your vehicle or non-haz cargo. The Shipping note is also known in the industry as the SSN for short. This note is sent electronically to the shipper by email prior to delivery to the port. The SSN is used to accompany deliveries of non-hazardous goods in transit such as cars, pallets, boxes, household goods and so on. In order for the shipping note to be created – you will be required to complete our online booking form. This form is very important for a number of reasons as it will help us to produce your shipping paperwork such as the shipping note and the bill of lading instructions. The shipping note will allow you access on to the port to deliver your vehicle where it will parked securely prior to loading it on to the roll on/roll off vessel.

What Information Goes On The SSN?

The booking form asks very specific information about your vehicle, such as the full name & address of the shipper and of the person to whom the vehicle is to be shipped to; called the consignee. Your vehicle information is required in order to complete the shipping note; the vehicle registration and chassis numbers. The make and model of the vehicle is also required so that we can identify your vehicle at the port. This information is transferred on to the shipping documentation, a copy of which will be emailed to you in order for you to print off and take it with you.

Your shipping note will also contain the booking number, vessel details, port of export and port of arrival along with ETS (estimated time of sailing) and the ETA (estimated time of arrival). Failure to take the shipping note with you when you are delivering your vehicle; will result in you being refused access to the port and your vehicle will not be accepted.

The Importance of The Shipping Note

A shipping note is an important document and must be taken with you when you make your delivery. When you use the Shipping Note it gives the receiving authority complete, accurate & timely information about your shipment so they have clear & precise details on how your goods should be handled.