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Moving to Europe after Brexit

Many British people dream about moving to a European country – for work or to retire. Sometimes they use car shipping companies to help them move their cars with them, sometimes they drive themselves. However, things might be a bit different in the future. Nobody knows what the rules about moving to Europe after Brexit will be.

According to the Office for National Statistics, around 900 000 UK citizens currently live in other EU countries. The question everybody is asking is: what will moving to and living in another EU country be like once Brexit has taken place? Will British people be still allowed to live abroad, and will they have the same rights?

As you might have already heard, old British passports will probably make a comeback after Brexit. It was recently announced that this has been ordered by the Government and is due to come into effect in 2019.


Residency rights

As you may or may not know, both the UK and the EU have agreed that securing citizens’ rights is a top priority. So, if you are already a resident in any country within the EU, or will become one soon, you should keep the right to stay there permanently.

Negotiations between the UK and the EU are ongoing, and once these have been finalised, the new agreement should offer more information regarding residency, visas and work permits.


Property in the EU

A lot of British people buy property in another EU country, predominantly Spain and Portugal, where they want to move or retire when they get older. The good news is, it will still be possible for Brits to buy a property in the EU, just as non-EU citizens do without issues today.

Spanish immigration rules will remain the same after Brexit – you have to apply for permission to reside in Spain for short or extended periods – and you have to comply with a set of rules laid out by the Spanish government.

Essentially, one of a few possible outcomes will result. The first is that the UK could remain a member of the EEA. This would mean that British citizens will have access to the single market keep the policy of free movement. The second outcome is that the UK could leave the EEA, but could create (some terms with individual EU countries, giving the British people some rights within these particular states. The alternative possibility is that the UK will leave the EEA and will. The same access to property in EU countries as other non-member states.



As it stands, The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles citizens of any EU country to receive emergency medical treatment anywhere within the EU. So how will this be affected by Brexit?

If you are still living in an EU country after Brexit you will be able to use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) after the UK leaves the EU. Unfortunately, it is hard to say what the policy will be for health insurance when travelling after Brexit, as no details have been announced.