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Vehicle Shipping Documentation

The paperwork required to ship a car overseas

When shipping any vehicle overseas you will need to make sure that you have your documentation in order as a matter of priority. Copies of which will be required in order to complete the UK Customs Clearance, the shipping note and the bill of lading instructions. This will help us to ensure that all paperwork is correct before submitting it to the shipping line. All it takes is having a wrong letter or number on the vehicle registration or the vin/chassis number for charges to be imposed by the shipping line for a manifest correction.

What paperwork do I need for better car shipping services?

  • V5C – The V5C (formerly known as the log book) is used to prove the ownership of the vehicle and is a vital document when shipping your car internationally. It also shows all vehicle information required to book your shipment, such as the vehicle registration number, engine number, the correct make and model of the vehicle, the colour and the vin/chassis number. This information is transferred on to the bill of lading instructions. When you ship your vehicle overseas, you will need to complete section 11 on the V5C and send this part only to the DVLA. This will inform them that the vehicle has gone for export. Always keep the original V5C with you as you will need this to register your vehicle overseas.
  • Bill of Sale – We will require a copy of the bill of sale (purchase/sales invoice) to show the purchase of the vehicle. This allows us to advise the HMRC of the value of the vehicle for when we are completing the customs entry for export.
  • Passport Photo Page – You will be asked to send over a copy of the photo page of your passport, or any other form of valid photo ID to make sure that you are who you claim to be. This will only stay on our file and will not be shared with any third parties.
  • Consignee’s Passport photo page – If you are not picking up the vehicle once it has made its intended destination, you will also need to produce the photo ID for your Consignee (the person to whom the vehicle is being shipped to). This will only be forwarded to the receiving agent so that they have proof of who they claim to be when they collect the vehicle.
  • MOT Certificate – If you are having your car or truck picked up by a Trade Plate Driver, you will need to send over a copy of a valid MOT certificate. Your vehicle must also be fully operational and have steering and brakes. In the event that your vehicle brakes down due to mechanical failure, you would bare all costs for recovery by the AA. If the vehicle has bald tyres, the driver will refuse to drive the vehicle but you will still be charged the full collection cost. It is worth making sure that your vehicle is fit and legal for UK roads before booking a collection by trade plate driver.