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Car Shipping To Africa

Car shipping to Africa from the UK is now one of the leading countries that our clients are shipping their vehicles to regularly. There are many receiving ports throughout Africa be it, North, South, East or West Africa and each destination has a different frequency of sailing and transit time. There are certain areas throughout Africa that have restrictions on the type of vehicle and the maximum age of the vehicle that can be imported whilst other areas of Africa such as the South, like DurbanCape Town or Port Elizabeth require an import permit if vehicles are staying in South of Africa.

How to ship a car to Africa

There are two ways of shipping a car to Africa, this can be by the reliable and very economical roll on/roll off or by the slightly more expensive dedicated container services from the UK. Both services offer a great way of shipping any car to Africa and both can be relied upon when looking to get a vehicle their safely. Roll on/roll off car shipping to Africa will always work out to be the cheapest option as vehicles are driven on to a vessel and are secured to the lower decks using chocks and straps. There is a lot less handling involved in ro ro shipping than container shipping as vehicles have to be loaded and secured inside the container and then driven to the quayside so whatever your requirements or needs are, First Base Freight has you covered.

Car shipping costs to Africa

Car shipping costs will vary from country to country in Africa but for an example of our vehicle shipping rates to a select few ports is as follows: Saloon cars to Durban cost £685.00 either from Southampton or Sheerness. 4 x 4’s to Walvis Bay from Sheerness cost £675.00 whereas a saloon car only costs £650.00. To ship a car to Lagos from Tilbury costs £495.00 where as to ship it to Dakar costs more as we need to organise an ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note). For rates to anywhere else in Africa contact us today for one of our free, no obligation quotes.

We are continually sourcing for the cheapest vehicle shipping rates to Africa to help us to remain in line with the more competitive services sailing from the UK. We believe in passing on these great savings to our customers and will continue to be one of the more prestige car shipping companies to Africa.

What paperwork do I need to ship a car to Africa?

When shipping a vehicle in to Africa from the UK, we would require copies of the following documentation to help us to prepare your shipping paperwork and complete the UK customs clearance.

  • V5C (or title document) for the vehicle
  • Photo page of the consignees passport
  • Purchase/Sales Invoice of the vehicle

What Are The Legal Requirements For Shipping Cars To Africa?

Every country operates under its own rules and regulations, for example when shipping a vehicle to West Africa such as Gambia you are only allowed to ship a Left Hand Drive unless you have a waiver certificate prior to shipment from the Gambian Police. This certificate will only allow you to import it in to the country but you will need to have the vehicle converted to right hand drive before being allowed to take it out of the port. It is safer to contact one of our experienced members of staff if you are unsure of what is permitted to enter the country before deciding to ship it out.

We can ship any size vehicle – running or not, to all major ports in Africa. The costs to ship cars to Africa will depend on its arrival port. Shipping a car to Africa need not be complicated when you have a company such as us on board – we keep the whole vehicle shipping process simplistic. We believe that our customer service is excellent and we will endeavour to keep you fully informed throughout the whole shipment process.