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Avoiding Damage with International Car Shipping

International car shipping is a great way of getting your vehicle transported overseas. However, if the correct precautions are not made, accident damage could occur to your car. This blog will explain how to avoid any such damage from happening to your car, giving you peace of mind when shipping your vehicle to a foreign country.

1: Choose The Right Car Shipping Company

It goes without saying that choosing the correct company can make a huge difference to the likelihood of damage occurring to your vehicle. If a company cuts corners and does not take the proper time to load and unload your vehicle safely, you could end up with scratches or worse. It is therefore important to check customer reviews, and evaluate your options carefully. Sometimes it is worth paying a little bit extra, to ensure a safe and secure journey for your car.

2: Remove Personal Belongings

Although some car shipping companies do allow items to be shipped inside a vehicle, it is best to remove all possessions from the vehicle before shipment. This removes any possibility of theft or damage to your items during transit. Ensure you conduct a thorough check of all storage spaces within your vehicle, so that nothing is left behind. Although theft is highly unlikely, it is recommended to take no chances while using any vehicle shipping service.

3:  Be aware of the shipping method

The type of car shipping has plays a large role into how safe your car will be. Open containers are at the mercy of the weather, and are more prone to damage and theft. Closed containers on the other hand are typically more secure, and the vehicle is locked down with secure nylon straps. Avoid companies that use

any kind of mental chain to secure the vehicle, as they can put immense pressure on the bodywork if secured too tightly. If too loose, the chains will bang against the vehicle, causing dents and scratches.

4: Prepare Your Car For Transport

It is important to make sure your car is in good running condition before sending it overseas. Ensure that your car has a full tank of gas, and a fully charged battery. Checking that your anti-freeze level is adequate will also remove any potential problems with the engine. All methods of car shipping require the car to be driven at some point, either for loading or disembarkation. Therefore, make sure that your car is running perfectly, to avoid any damage during transport.

5: Ask For A Certificate Of Insurance

Although this will not help prevent damage, asking for a certificate of insurance from the car shipping company will help ensure you are covered for any accidental damage or missing cargo. If the company is not covered, then you could lose your car with no way of claiming it back if it goes missing or is damaged. Furthermore, ensure that your car is insured against theft and accidental damage. You will then be fully covered if anything goes wrong during your international car shipping.

Overall, having your vehicle damaged during shipment is unlikely, but it is still possible. Follow the advice we have given you, and you will reduce the possibility of your car being damaged or stolen.