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First Base Freight offer a vehicle collection & delivery service across the UK. Our professional and fully qualified Trade Plate Drivers are reliable, professional and very friendly as are our car transporter drivers.

Shipping a vehicle from one location to another, can seem like a daunting task for any vehicle owner, so it would be practical to let us do all the hard work for you. Leave it in our capable hands to provide a professional, expert and worry free service.

We specialise in vehicle transportation, both UK and Internationally. We regularly ship cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, plant machinery and specialist cargo from anywhere in the UK, to over 5000 destinations worldwide. We have an extensive list of satisfied clients throughout the world who have entrusted us with their vehicle transportation.

Car Shipping is in simple definition, the act of transporting a car from one location to another. However, there are many things to consider if you are shipping a car overseas that many people are unaware of, so we will attempt to clear these up here. The first and probably most major thing to consider is, should you ship your car on an Open Car Carrier, or an Enclosed Vehicle Transporter or simply use the services of a Trade Plate Driver. Open car carriers are either Single Transporter or Multi Deck car carriers. This is called open transport. Enclosed transport is when your car is loaded in to a fully Enclosed Transporter, this offers protection to the vehicle from stone chippings, weather and any road hazards. Typically your car is very safe on any method of collection and all vehicles are fully insured against any loss or damage whilst in our care.

Door to Terminal or Terminal to Terminal?

Another distinction in car shipping is either door to terminal shipping or terminal to terminal shipping, we will break down the differences right now. Door to terminal is either when the transporter will come straight to your place of residence, either a house, a garage or a forecourt and pick up your vehicle or is collected and driven to the port by a Trade Plate Driver. The vast majority of shipping happens door to terminal and is by far one of the safest and most convenient ways to ship a vehicle. Whereas with terminal to terminal shipping, you can drive your vehicle directly to the port of departure and collect it once it arrives at its final destination.

Car shipping is a relatively simple process, once you know some of the terms involved and you have decided how to get your car to the port the rest is easy, you will be sent a shipping note and either the driver or yourself will be sent a delivery note with the full delivery address of the port. Once delivered to the port your vehicle is then loaded on to the vessel or if shipping by container is loaded and strapped in to the container. Approximately one week after the vessel has sailed you will receive a copy of the bill of lading and either a Telex release is completed and sent to the receiving agent or an original document is sent to you by air courier along with the receiving agent. This will allow you to clear the vehicle through customs at destination ready for collection of your vehicle.

Our UK Vehicle collection services offers a very secure way of transporting your car from anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. We can collect your car or truck from any postcode and deliver the vehicle to a shipping port such as Sheerness or to any other postcode in the UK. All vehicles are fully insured whilst in transit and it is not a requirement of the law to have a valid Tax disc or insurance when transporting your vehicle by either a trade plate driver or on a car transporter. The only stipulation required if using a trade plate driver is that the vehicle must have a current MOT certificate and be fully operational, with steering and brakes. Tyres must be legal for the driver to drive your vehicle. Please be aware when engaging the trade plate driver, fuel is not part of the cost given by us. We charge for any fuel after we have collected and once we have a fuel receipt. The fuel must be paid in full before the vehicle is released to either the port or to your nominated UK address.

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