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What is a Shipping Note?

If you are shipping your vehicle overseas by a roll on/roll off service, also known as RORO, then you will need to make sure that you vehicle gets to the port so that it can be loaded onto the vessel. A shipping note also known as a SSN for short is a very important document that shows that your vehicle is being shipping overseas. The purpose of this document is so that you can gain access to the port so that you can deliver your vehicle to be shipping to its destination.

A shipping note will contain information such as;
• Vehicle make, model, colour, dimensions and weight
• Vehicle registration and VIN/CHASSIS number
• Exporter details
• Freight forwarder details
• Vessel details including port of loading, port of discharge and destination
• International Carrier details
• Customs reference, booking number and forwarder’s reference

When completing a booking form for a freight forwarder, it is very important that all the information you enter is correct as any incorrect information can lead to delays and additional charges for amendments.

If you are delivering your vehicle to the port then you will need to produce a valid shipping note at the gate, here it will be signed and stamped. You will receive a copy of the signed shipping note to show that your entry to the port has been approved, you will need to keep this on you at all times in case you are stopped by port security.

Even if you have arranged for a trade plate driver or a road transporter to deliver the vehicle, they will need a valid shipping note with them otherwise they will be turned away at the port. If they have forgotten to print their shipping note and take it with them then they can go into the main office and one can be faxed or emailed over, however there is usually a £10 charge for this.

If you require any more information about a Shipping Note, then please contact us at First Base Freight, our friendly team have years of experience and are more than happy to help with any questions you might have regarding your shipments.

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