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Walvis Bay, Namibia – Deep water harbour, perfect for shipping

Map of Namibia

Walvis Bay (also referred to as Whale Bay) is a city in Namibia, known for its very active shipping port handling hundreds and thousands of cargo every month. The port is perfect for large shipments due to its natural deep water harbour. Walvis Bay is also known for its large bay and sand dunes making it the main tourist destination in Namibia.

Car Shipping to Walvis Bay

If you are shipping anything from the UK to Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia or Botswana then all the shipments will go from Sheerness to Walvis Bay. Depending on the type of shipment, transit times may vary; shipping cars and other motor vehicles to Walvis Bay from the UK will have an approximate transit time between 15-18 days. Specially designed ships known as RORO(roll on/roll off) vessels sail 2-3 times per month, these vessels are designed to hold thousands of cars under deck where they are strapped down and secured away from the elements of the sea.

House Removals to Namibia

For household goods, personal effects and most other shipments will require to be shipped inside a container. These containers vary in size from a 20FT to a 40FT high cube container; there are also specially designed containers available depending on your requirements. The transit time for shipping containers to Walvis Bay is approximately 26 days with vessels sailing every two weeks.

Local Agents

For first time shippers to Walvis Bay or even if you are experienced in shipping worldwide, you may want to consider using an agent to clear your vehicle for you. Your agent will be able to take care of the relevant paperwork for the vehicle to show that it is entering that country as well as arranging for the vehicle to be cleared.

Why ship to Walvis Bay?

With Namibia being land locked with Botswana and Zambia and Zimbabwe not far away either, Walvis Bay is the main contender for all traffic being shipped to these destinations. There are many companies within Namibia that offer car driving services as well as vehicle transporters meaning having your vehicle delivered to you can be fairly straight forward.

We are First Base Freight Ltd, a global logistics company based in the UK offering vehicle shipping and household removals to hundreds of destinations worldwide with a vast majority of our shipments going either to or through Walvis Bay. If you have any shipping requirements then please contact us for a free quotation today, our friendly staff have years of experience in the shipping industry and will be able to help with any enquiry’s that you may have.

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