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Importation Guide in to South Africa

To help you understand the customs requirements and documentation that you may be required to obtain when shipping your vehicle to South Africa, we have compiled this short importation guide. There are many different regulations that surround the importation of most vehicles into South Africa, which anyone who is planning to ship their vehicle should … Continue reading Importation Guide in to South Africa

Handling Fees Once your Car Arrives in Cyprus.

When we ship our customer’s cars over to Cyprus, we are asked so many times about how much the charges are in Cyprus and what documents are needed. Well here’s a breakdown of the cost, documents and any other information we think you may need. Basically speaking upon arrival you should apply for a temporary … Continue reading Handling Fees Once your Car Arrives in Cyprus.

Container Shipping & Its advantages

Here at First Base Freight when we give our customers a quote for shipping there car we always try to give them every option possible. Many people that we have spoken to over the years didn’t know that you can actually ship your car in a container. Many people like the idea, but usually because … Continue reading Container Shipping & Its advantages

Can Your Car Be Shipped?

Here at First Base Freight we have noticed that whenever your shipping vehicles overseas to a new country there are a few things that you will have to check. Many countries throughout the world have many rules on what type of cars they allow to be shipped into their country. The usual ones are: Age … Continue reading Can Your Car Be Shipped?

New Online Sailing Schedule

Over the past 6 months we have noticed that more and more people were contacting us or emailing about schedules for ships from the UK. It wasn’t just our customers that were contacting us it was anyone who had an interest in a vessel that was leaving from the UK. So to help our customers … Continue reading New Online Sailing Schedule

Shipping To and From Cyprus

With everything that is going on in Cyprus with the governments, banks and Euro, we were expecting to see a decline in the amount of vehicles that we would ship over to Cyprus. In fact the numbers we are shipping has stayed pretty steady but what we have noticed is that there has been a … Continue reading Shipping To and From Cyprus

Shipping a Truck to Durban

Car and Truck shipping to Durban from Sheerness our Southampton 2-3 times per month is a straight forward process, you firstly choose which port is the best for you and we will do the rest. All vehicles are shipped on our purpose built roll on/roll off vessels and transit takes approximately 19 days. It has … Continue reading Shipping a Truck to Durban

Shipping a Car to Australia

We are currently shipping approximately 3 times a month to the ports of Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne & Sydney in Australia on our roll on/roll off vessels.  This services sails from the port of Southampton and takes approximately 39-43 days to reach its destination. The roll on/roll off vessels are purpose built to carry any rolling cargo such … Continue reading Shipping a Car to Australia

Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Professionalism is no luxury but a prerequisite in choosing a freight forwarder, potential customers seek assurance in terms of capability and integrity. When considering sales or purchases outside the UK, due attention should be paid to the physical delivery at the outset. If integrated into the international marketing strategy at the planning stage the freight … Continue reading Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Ocean Freight

A liner trade is one which operates according to a regular trade, defined route and against a published sailing schedule.  Apart from the odd conventional shipping service or the multi-purposed roll on/roll off carriers that carry project cargoes on wheels or on ships’ trailers or Mafis to deep-sea destinations, the ocean business has progressively moved … Continue reading Ocean Freight