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Why you shouldn’t pick the cheapest car shipping company

We all know that moving can cost a small fortune from getting everything packed up, to hiring a van and then to top it all off paying for your new humble abode.  And with having to move your car with you it can all add up, so it is logical for you to ask the question, why not just pick the cheapest car shipping available to you?

Why Not Cheap Car Shipping?     

We all want the cheapest option available when buying something, normally this would count as a win when acquiring the cheapest option but in some cases this is not how it works and unfortunately car shipping is one of these circumstances.  When looking to purchase car shipping it is very much like going out and buying a pair of shoes you can purchase a pair of shoes for £20 but they will not last as long or be made to the same level of quality to a pair which is £50 for instance.  The best solution to this issue is to choose the best value for the product that you are purchasing.

The best value when searching for any car shipping should include not only the bottom line price for the shipping but also all of the services that the company offers when shipping your car for you, and this is the fundamental difference between a great deal with shipping your car and a cheap deal.

Where to start?

So before you even begin to search for a car shipping company you should make sure that you have all the questions you want answered from the different companies these should include:


Price will of course be a factor when picking a car shipping company but should not be the only factor during your search.


You should look to see if the company offers adequate insurance to protect your vehicle when shipping.


Check if the company offers a door to door service or if you have to take the vehicle to a certain location to be shipped or picked up.


Some less reputable car shipping companies can have some hidden fees that are not included within their quotations, so it is a good idea to ask questions to the companies to see if you can fish out any of these “hidden” fees, some of the hidden fees can include; pick-up and delivery fees, loading and unloading fees, hook-up fees, a charge per mile over a certain number of miles, lot fees and state highway charges.  A reputable company will outline all fees, including taxes, right on the quote so you don’t get any nasty surprises when shipping your car or claiming it at the port.


How much experience does the company have?  How long have the companies drivers been driving for them, or how many years of experience does the company have with car shipping all of this helps when shipping your car.


What equipment is available from the car shipping company?  Do they offer both closed and open multi-car trailers, or do they only transport one vehicle at each time.


We encourage our entire customer base here at First Base Freight Ltd to make sure that they know exactly what they are getting when they ship with us and that is a very professional service with great communication available to all customers.

If you would like to find out about any of the services that we offer you can check out our website, you can also acquire a quotation from us which lasts for 30 days where we make sure that if there is any increase to the cost within this time we will not pass on the charges to you.


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