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Why you Shouldn’t Pack Your Personal Items When Shipping Your Car Overseas

We all know that when you’re moving, it can be a highly stressful time, and you feel that you may need to take every shortcut possible to you such as packing items into as many different modes of transport as possible to lower the load within the moving van, and this statement goes double if you are doing the move on your own.  But what about your car, you’ve hired someone else to move it for you, but why shouldn’t you just load up your car with some of your overflow item, and then just let the car shipping company worry about it?  Even though this may seem like a good way to save time and money, it really isn’t.

Car Shipping Safety

Safety is the number one thing that matters to all shipping companies when shipping your vehicle, so if we imagine that you have filled your car with a bunch of your personal items and your vehicle is being transported to the port via a hauler, and it is placed on top of the trailer, the hauler is already moving on average another eight vehicles, now if the haulers happens to hit an average bump in the road or happens to take a corner slightly wide.  What you think is going to happen to all of your personal items?  They are going to become a danger of causing to damage to a large list of things, including your own car, your other items that may be packed within the car, the other cars upon the hauler, as well as other vehicles on the road, once your items have begun to fly about within the vehicle there is nothing the driver of the hauler can do as he cannot keep an eye on them at all times.

Weight is a Factor

When shipping your vehicle with a car shipping company the price to ship your vehicle is affected by the weight of the vehicle, now this is usually based on the standard weight of your vehicles make and model plus any changes that you may have made to the vehicle over its lifespan, such as extra speaker systems or a new suspension system.  If the weight of your vehicle is not what has been documented as then it can cause issues for the shipping company shipping your car as well as yourself, as it can cause delays as well as extra charges once it makes it to the port of export.

Safety of Your Belongings

While your car is being shipped aboard the vessel it must stay unlocked at all times just in case any issues occur with your vehicle this then opens up your belongings to be stolen this will most likely not be covered by your insurance with the shipping company either as they are agreeing to ship your car not your personal belongings.

Consider the Driver

You also have to consider the safety and wellbeing of the driver if you are having your vehicle delivered to the port for you, if you have packed your car all the way to the brim it can cause a lot issues when the driver is reversing or just trying to see while driving, you also run into an issue if any of your personal belongings move during the transportation of your vehicle and they then cause a blockage and the driver can’t enter the vehicle without damaging either your car or your personal items packed within the car.

The Bottom Line

When shipping with us we want your experience to be the best possible, we don’t want your peace of mind ruined due to added costs, damages or delays when you are shipping your car.  We highly recommend that you keep all of your personal items together within your moving van and let us ship your car in the best possible way that we can.


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