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Shipping Your Vintage Car and Making Sure That it Will be Safe

When planning to ship your vintage car, we know that you want to make sure that it is going to be safest it can possibly be since you have spent who knows how many hours looking for that perfect car and then all that extra time you spent getting it roadworthy and to the standard you wanted, so you want to know what is the best way to ship your vintage car?

Well first of all it is absolutely safe as long as you pick the right car shipping company.  Trustworthy and reliable car shipping companies will have years of experience in shipping vehicles of all makes, models, and age including your vintage car but shipping a vintage car does take that extra car and attention.

What you Should be Asking When Shipping Your Vintage Car

Not every car shipping company is capable of moving a vintage car, so it does pay to know what to ask when collecting your quotes to make sure that you have chosen the right company for the job.

How Will my Car be Transported?

There are usually two different forms of transport that will have to choose from when shipping your car open and enclosed shipping now while you can feel comfortable that shipping your vintage car in an open trailer, you may feel that you want that added layer of protection by shipping in and enclosed trailer make sure you confirm that the company is capable of this mode of transport if you want to protect your investment from damage by the elements.

Where Will Your Vehicle be on the Trailer?

Where your car is on the trailer is a very important point, especially when shipping your vintage car.  You will have to remember that older cars are more likely to leak oil or fluids, which can then cause damage to other cars amongst it on the trailer if your car is placed above them this is why your vehicle will likely be placed on the bottom on the trailer you can pay an extra fee though to have it placed on top.

Other Considerations to Look at When Shipping

Once you have found the perfect shipping company for you and you have agreed to have your vehicle picked up by them, there are some extra steps that you will want to do to ensure that your move goes hassle free:

Take Before And After Pictures / Videos

Make sure that you take photos or videos of your vehicle before your vehicle leaves and after it makes it to its intended destination the one thing you don’t want to be doing is arguing whether a dent or scratch was the result of the journey or just your car being aged.

Don’t Always Look for the Cheapest Option

When it comes to moving your classic car you do not want to go cheap, especially after all the time and effort you have put into getting the vehicle into the condition you have always dreamed about.  When shipping a vintage car it may mean that you have to pay a bit extra but in the long run it’s going to safe you rather than paying less and not getting the service your car deserves.

Now that you have all the basics down when it comes to shipping your Vintage Car if you have nay other queries about shipping don’t hesitate to contact us and one of our trained staff will be happy to help in anyway that they can.


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