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Shipping to Australia

Are you thinking of moving or shipping a vehicle over to Australia? maybe you are moving to be closer to family or you are transferring for work? If you are moving overseas to Australia then let a professional international removal company assist you with moving.

Household effects

If you have some personal items that you just cant live without or you don’t want to have to get rid of because you know how it works then contact House Removals Worldwide for a professional and reliable overseas removals quotation. With over 25 years experience in the shipping and removals industry, they can tailor the exact removals service to your individual needs.

Part loads

If you would only like to ship over a few select household goods and personal items then House Removals Worldwide can give you an estimated quote on-line, simply fill in their easy to use space calculator to give you an estimate of the amount of space your goods will take up. House Removals Worldwide can then collect these goods, carefully pack and wrap and palletise your goods. Once your goods are ready to be shipped they will be measured, you will then be charged for the exact amount required meaning no paying for space you don’t need! You goods are loaded into a shared container along side other goods.

Hire a Shipping Container

If you are shipping a considerable amount of goods then we may suggest that you hire the use of a sole shipping container, these come in a variety of sizes from a 20FT container to a 40FT high cube container. Depending on your requirements, the shipping container can either be located outside of your property where our removal team can professionally pack and load the container for you or we can collect your goods and load the container at our warehouse. If you looking to keep costs down then you can even load the container yourself at your property however please consider you will only have 3 hours of free loading time and the container will be located on the back of a truck which means the container will be at least 5FT off the ground.


Shipping a vehicle

If you are looking to ship a vehicle overseas, then please read our Cost of shipping to Australia page, you will find useful information regarding customs and regulations for shipping vehicles to Australia.



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