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Shipping Container Homes

Shipping a container overseas, to live in?

More and more people are looking at new ways of making homes as cheaply and as efficiently as possible, that is why choosing to turn a shipping container into a home has become a big hit!

You may be pleasantly surprised with the amount of space you have inside a converted shipping container, a typical 40FT container would have enough room for a single bed and storage such as draws or a wardrobe; a kitchen complete with cooker, fridge freezer, sink, counters and wall units; a dining table and 4 chairs and if you’re lucky a 2 seated sofa in the corner.

The inside of a shipping container will need to fitted out with electricity and plumbing so that all of your appliances will work, you will also want to lay flooring, put in walls (such as MDF) with insulation for both walls and ceiling. You may find your new home just a little too cold in the winter otherwise!

If one shipping container isn’t big enough then you can instantly double your living area with another 40FT container, cut out one side of each container and weld together and hey presto! Twice as much room, more room for activities! But why stop there? You can make your converted shipping container home as big as you want to, don’t forget to add windows otherwise it might be like living in a bat cave.

Shipping Container in the Garden!

Why buy and build a wooden dolly house in your garden when you could convert a 20FT shipping container and turn it into the ultimate chill out bunker! No wood lice here!!

You might think that the outside of a shipping container looks grim and boring but just splash on a bright colour and plant some flowers around it and bring it to life.

There is so much potential with shipping containers, why just use them to simply ship a vehicle overseas? Bring a gym to your back garden or have a place for your friends to stay when they come over!

If you have a shipping container house conversion, then please contact us and let us know! First Base Freight have being shipping containers overseas for years and we would love to know what uses you have found for them other than simple shipping household goods or vehicles.

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