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Shipping Vehicles Using The New R-Rack System

There are now even cheaper ways of shipping saloon cars, 4 x 4’s, some vans, caravans and even certain motorhomes to either Australia or to New Zealand using a revolutionary new way of loading called the R-Rack.

Basically the R-Rack system allows up to 4 vehicles to be loaded inside a shared 40ft HC container where 2 vehicles are on the floor and two are above. This allows all available loading spaces to be used within the container. Shipping a car by this option can save on average 10-20% on costs against roll on/roll off or dedicated container rates and is fast becoming one of the more favoured options when looking to ship a vehicle overseas.

A 40ft HC container will cost on average £2095.00 from Southampton to Auckland and Lyttelton or £1695.00 to Melbourne & Sydney. However if you do opt to send your car on the shared container services using the R-Rack, typical costs for a saloon to Auckland & Lyttelton is £895.00 or 4 x 4’s £950.00. Typical costs to Melbourne or Sydney for a saloon car is £850 or a 4 x 4 £995.00. The shared container option loads at our partners depot in Rainham, Essex and our container services sail every week. For larger vehicles such as caravans, vans or motorhomes will firstly need to fit within the container dimensions but these are more expensive to ship due to the size and the amount of room they take up within the container. The rates to ship the larger vehicles will most definitely work out cheaper if they can be shipped within the container as rates are not based on the overall volume unlike with roll on/roll off.

For further information on shipping vehicles using the R-Rack System then please do not hesitate to contact First Base Freight today.


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