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Shipping a Car to Australia

We are currently shipping approximately 3 times a month to the ports of Brisbane, Fremantle, Melbourne & Sydney in Australia on our roll on/roll off vessels.  This services sails from the port of Southampton and takes approximately 39-43 days to reach its destination.

The roll on/roll off vessels are purpose built to carry any rolling cargo such as cars, trucks, caravans, motorhomes and even plant machinery with ease.  Each vehicle is either driven or towed on to the vessel at Southampton and parked inside individual parking bays.  Each vehicle is strapped with two straps at the back and two straps at the front of the vehicle.

Once in transit, your vehicle is checked repeatedly throughout its voyage by fully qualified cargo handlers to make sure that all straps remain in tact and that your vehicle remains secure until it reaches its final destination.

The cost to ship a car to Australia varies depending on it’s size, for example – cars (saloon type) is based on the height being no higher than 1.6mtrs, whilst a 4 x 4 is based on your vehicle being over 1.61mtrs up to 2.10 mtrs high.  We at First Base Freight believe our prices are very competitive to any port in Australia and are currently offering free UK customs clearance on all vehicles exporting from the UK only.

If roll on/roll off is not for you – we also offer 20ft & 40ftcontainer services to even more ports than our roll on/roll off destinations such as Adelaide, Darwin, Hobart & Townsville etc… including our four main roll on/roll off ports.

Container shipping is weekly from the ports of Southampton & Felixstowe – we find these ports offer the most cost effective services.  Transit times vary depending if your vessel offers a direct service or if your container will need to be transhipped on to another vessel.  The average transit time is approximately 45 days from quay to quay.

When shipping a vehicle to Australia you will firstly need to aquire an Import Approval Certificate as without it your vehicle will not be allowed in to the country.  When we send a
quotation we will always send the Import Approval Guide and Application form for
you to complete.

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  • Ryan Turbill

    Importing a car to Australia can be tedious and complicated, but if you have the right car, it can be very rewarding. You must make sure that you not only have enough money for the necessary storage and transportation, but can cover the cost of duties and taxes.

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