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How to Ship Your Motorcycle Overseas

When shipping your motorcycle overseas It can sometimes be completely different to how you would normally ship your average car, you still have you’re the option to ship your motorcycle via Roll on/Roll off (RoRo) and container shipping, but RoRo isn’t always as common when shipping your bike as it is with shipping other types of vehicles.  So how would you go about getting it to the port in the first place well you still have the option of having a trade plate driver come out and drive your motorcycle there for you and then load it onto the RoRo vessel, but we understand that some motorcycle owners do not like to have someone else ride their pride and joy, and we understand this 100%.

The most preferred way of shipping we see people ship their motorcycles is by having them crated up and then having the crate shipping overseas via groupage or shared container, not only does this allow you the peace of mind that motorcycle will not be driven during its journey as well as allowing for extra safety due to it being safely contained within a crate, and then placed within a shared container.  This method can also be a way to save on the price of the shipment as you should only have to pay for the section of the container that your crate takes up.

Here at First Base Freight we fully understand the relationship between you and your motorcycle and we always aim to use the most professional measures to make sure that your vehicle is shipped in the most secure way possible.

As an example of how we go about shipping your motorcycle overseas here at First Base Freight we had a collector contact us asking if we could possibly ship a vintage 1966 Piaggio Vespa 150 Sprint GT, of course with a vehicle of this value being shipped you want to make sure that the vehicle is handled with the utmost care and attention and as little as possible during its journey.  This of course ruled out the option of shipping it via RoRo so the best solution was to have it crated up and have it shipped with shared container.

Once the vehicle had been purchased and was waiting for its journey overseas, the scooter was delivered to our warehouse where we began the process of packing it up to make sure it stayed the safest it possibly could.  First of all we constructed the base of the crate under the Vespa; we then proceeded to put the chocks in place to make sure that the Vespa stayed exactly where it was.  Protective sheeting and bubble wrap were then wrapped around it to further ensure that no damage was dealt to the vehicle during its journey.  The walls and top of the crate were then built up and around the Vespa to finish the crating process.  The crate was then collected from our warehouse, where it was then shipped within its shared container all the way to the collector in Australia.


Crating Process

If you would like to enquire further about any of the ways in which we can ship your motorcycle overseas or if you would like to find out about anything else about shipping your vehicle then please feel free to get in contact with us by heading over to First Base Freight Website .

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