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Sea and Air History

In the simplest terms, the physical movement of goods internationally necessitates the use of transport equipment in the form of ships, aeroplanes, railways and road vehicles.
These transport modes, which provide the links between countries and continents, are supplemented by other ‘hardware’ in the form of containers and other unit load devices, pallets, flat-racks etc, enabling the door-to-door movement of goods.
The business has evolved from the four-legged methods of merchants who plied their medieval routes with spices, through the Industrial Revolution with its steamships and railways, to the information age with mighty containerships and aircraft which cross continents in less than the time it takes to go around the clock.
But that’s just the transport skeleton.  Freight forwarders build on bringing their own expertise and physical handling capabilities to determine transport mode and route to meet the needs of seller and buyer, taking full account of cargo characteristics.
Forwarders meet the additional needs for local collection and delivery and give the essential support and know-how on regulatory, financial, customs and documentation fronts
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