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Rates to ship a car overseas

If you are considering shipping your car or vehicle overseas, your first question might be; how much is it going to cost me? The cost of shipping a car overseas can vary depending on the service that you require. In this article I will explain a few different methods to shipping a vehicle overseas and the costs that may be involved with them.

Road Transporter costs

If you have a smaller vehicle such as a saloon car or 4×4 less than 2.1 meters high then hiring space on a road transporter might be your most cost effective option so long as the destination is reachable by transporter. For example if you are shipping a typical saloon car from the UK to France then choosing this method will work out cheaper for you by far, typically the price for this will be around £800.00 GBP however the size of the car, collection address and delivery address all have a factor in price meaning you might be quoted more or less.

Roll on/Roll off costs

If you are shipping a vehicle further away where is works out too expensive for a road transporter then you will want to choose roll on/roll off or RORO for short as your next most cost effective option, starting from as low as £480.00 GBP. Your vehicle is driven onto a specially designed vessel to ferry vehicles from port to port. Inside the vessel are rails and tie points so that each individual vehicle can be strapped down and secured into place to prevent any damage to themselves or vehicles around them. Roll on/roll off vessels carry a variety of sized vehicles from motorbikes to plant machinery, even if your vehicle needs to be towed (at an additional cost), there are stevedores at the port who are trained to carefully loaded all vehicles.

Container shipping costs

Shipping your vehicle overseas inside a container may be the safest method however this service usually will cost considerably more than roll on/roll off. Vehicles are loaded and secured into shipping containers using straps and chocks to prevent the vehicle from moving during shipment, the container doors are locked and recorded with a unique seal number. Your vehicle has to be loaded at a separate depot and transported to the port as there is simply not enough space at the port, once the vehicle is loaded and ready for shipment, the container is transported to the port to be lifted and secured onto a specially designed container vessel by very large and heavy cranes. As you are having to pay for additional services such as loading the container you will be looking at paying at least £1000.00 GBP plus for a container shipping service.
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