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Questions to ask a roll on – roll off shipping company

Ro Ro Shipping

Roll on – roll off shipping or Ro-Ro as it’s also known is a safe, reliable and affordable method for shipping a vehicle overseas. It’s easier to load vehicles on vessels using this tried and tested method and due to this it often works out to be cheaper too.

Ro-Ro is one of our specialties at First Base Freight. Each year we transport many thousands of vehicles using this safe and popular option. Many car manufacturers prefer this method and a large following of private customers opt for this highly useful solution.

Choose wisely and your shipping service should provide a competitive quote for a Ro-Ro service. They should also be able to answer any queries you might have regarding their transport operations too.

To clarify a few points, we thought we’d address some of the questions you might want answering prior to using a shipping service, especially if you are considering a roll on, roll off option.

Ask as many questions as you like…

Do you use specially adapted vessels?

Professional car shipping services use vessels which have been specially designed for roll on – roll off transportation. Their ramps extend right onto the dock and this makes it easier to drive vehicles straight into the storage area of the vessel (roll on). It also makes it easier for them to be driven off again afterwards (roll off). Any reputable car shipping service uses purpose built vessels with ramps that streamline loading and unloading.



Does your business employ professional drivers?

Can you imagine any incompetent person behind the wheel of your pride and joy? Would the thought of an inexperienced driver manoeuvring your vehicle into the bowels of a shipping vessel fill you with dread? That’s understandable. Use a shipping service and you entrust your pride and joy to experts in the industry, you fully expect them to treat your vehicle as if it was their own. We use fully qualified vehicle handles at First Base Freight, they’re known as Stevedores, and they’re careful and very skilled behind the wheel.

Are the vehicles secure in the cargo hold?

Ever wondered what happens to vehicles once they are loaded into the cargo hold on a vessel? For starters they are driven to their allocated space on a ship that’s over 800ft long and has multiple decks. Once the vehicle is parked up it is secured firmly in place using hardy and durable straps. Shipping vessels have lashing points built into the floor. Straps are fixed to vehicle tyres then secured to the eyelets mounted in the floor. Once fixed into position the vehicle will not move, even if the crossing is a little rough. We use straps at the back and the front of the vehicle for premium levels of protection.


Big Honking Car Carrier Ship


Do you monitor vehicles throughout the voyage?

As well as securing vehicles firmly in place, shipping companies have to monitor vehicles during their seafaring journeys. Check your shipping company does before you agree to the service.  Vehicle handlers should monitor the straps holding the vehicles in place during the voyage. If they have worked loose they should be tightened up accordingly. We always check straps as a matter of precaution. This ensures your vehicle arrives safely in port.

Our roll on – roll off shipping services cover all of these base elements. Contact us on 01495 320540 for further details.

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