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Press release

First Base Freight is an international removals and car shipping company. Handling hundreds of enquiries every week, they ship vehicles and personal effects all around the world.  Since 2007 they have moved in to a new warehouse with offices, increasing their office space and storage facilities.

New Storage Facilities

The new storage area boasts the option of having heated facilities, meaning they can offer storage services to a wider range of companies. With the new warehouse and the additional space for storage, First Base Freight have had additional racking installed, increasing their storage space meaning that they can now store up to 60 single pallet spaces comfortably.

With additional space for a work bench and packaging, wrapping and palletising goods is even easier as packing materials are within easy reach. With a large amount of pallets ready to be used, work is being completed faster than ever before; there is no waiting on materials as there is plenty in storage.

New Office

The new unit where First Base Freight is situated is on the corner of the entrance to the industrial estate, this offers better visibility and the benefit of advertising on the side of the building. The First Base Freight office has two signs fitted just a few months ago, both facing oncoming traffic from the main road.  They have already increased brand awareness for the company from passers-by, thus generating enquiries from local businesses and individuals.

Inside the First Base Freight building are two main offices, a warehouse, a kitchen and male and female toilets meaning that First Base Freight can comfortably hold meetings without any interruptions as well as being able to provide a comfortable experience for their clients.

Their offices are split into website marketing and SEO, and into Sales and Accounts. With Both offices being located next to each other there is a fun and friendly atmosphere showing a good working environment for the First Base Freight team.

It’s clear to see that First Base Freight are set on constantly moving their business forward, offering a professional and reliable service and building up strong business relationships with clients.

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