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How to prep a motorhome for overseas trips

Preparing your motorhome for a sea faring voyage might seem a little daunting at first. Don’t worry though, we’ve got everything covered at First Base Freight and you can use our roll on roll off (roro) services and your vehicle will be secure on the lower deck of the vessel.  Before you ship the motorhome though there’ll be a few things to do, so here’s our checklist of how to prepare your RV for its life at sea.

  • Remove loose items: Go through the motorhome front to back removing anything that isn’t secured down. Take out your personal belongings, leave the interior of the RV free from clutter and do a final check on anything that might move.
  • Close all windows: Go around the motorhome closing and securing windows, use latches and catches to keep the glazing shut. Make sure the skylights are closed (if fitted) and fix any insecure windows that have caused problems in the past.
  • Disconnect non-essential electronics: You won’t be needing them until you drive the motorhome in your new country of residence so just keep the main battery connected.
  • Check tyre pressure and condition: Look at tear wear, inflate the tyres to the right pressure and inspect the rubber for any signs of damage.
  • Empty and clean the cassette toilet: It’s better for hygiene and saves you a job at the other end.
  • Test your lights: Go around the motorhome checking all the front, side and rear lights are working, make sure the brake lights are working too.
  • Check fluid levels: Look at oil, power steering and washer levels, make sure the cooling system has plenty of water as well.
  • Leave the tank fairly empty: Don’t fill the tank to the brim just before you hand over the keys, you can fill it up properly when you collect the vehicle after its journey.

Follow these instructions and you’ll soon be driving your RV back to your new house.

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