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Overseas Car Shipping Tips

Always gather as much information as possible about the country that you intend to ship your vehicle to.  Speak to friends, relatives or join an expat forum as these people can offer advice, tips and warn of any pitfalls about shipping your vehicle there.

Speak to a knowledgeable shipping agent at the country of departure, preferably someone who has many years’ experience.  They will be able to guide you and put you in touch with a reputable agent in your country of arrival.

When preparing your vehicle for shipment it is advisable to take anything out of it of any value, even the radio/cd player.  Although we know how safe your vehicle will be in our possession, the same cannot be said unfortunately for staff on the vessel or at the port of arrival.  It has been known, on the very rare occasion that these items have gone missing when shipped by roll on/roll off.

Before shipping your vehicle overseas, a good tip is to make sure that you scan all your documents such as; V5C or title document, MOT certificate, vehicle insurance certificate, permits, purchase invoice for the vehicle and a photo page of your passport to your computer or alternatively take a photograph of them using your mobile phone.  Your agents both at the port of departure and the port of arrival will need to have a copy of these sent to them to assist with your shipment.

Always remember to keep the hard copies with you or have them couriered direct to you or to your overseas agent, DO NOT leave any documents inside the vehicle.   Most countries require the original documentation to organise the customs clearance so bear this in mind when you purchase a vehicle purely to have it shipped abroad.

Collection or Delivery of Vehicles

If you are having your vehicle collected from your place of residence or from a dealership, please ensure that you have given the vehicle a once over beforehand.  Check the battery, spark plugs, alternator, light bulbs, tyres, oil and fuel as a good starting point.  It may even be worth taking the vehicle to a local garage and having a complete service done.  This will ensure that oil and water levels are good and that any mechanical issues are rectified immediately.

If you have decided to deliver the vehicle to the port to save on costs, then check for local train/bus stations and plan your route home in plenty of time.  The walk back from the port to the nearest bus or train station maybe some distance so program a local taxi company’s telephone number in to your phone, you may just need to ring them up and have them pick you up from the port.

Another good tip for anyone shipping a vehicle overseas, is to clean both the interior and the exterior of the car before it is shipped.  Some countries have zero tolerance to dirt on vehicles whilst other destinations are not quite so strict.  The safest method is to adopt the attitude of keeping all vehicles clean at all times.  This will help to avoid any unnecessary extra charges such as quarantine fees or steam cleaning charges.

For further help or advice on shipping a car overseas, call us today on Tel: +44(0) 1495 320540 or visit our website, here you will find plenty of information to help shipping your vehicle now easier than ever.

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