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New Online Sailing Schedule

Over the past 6 months we have noticed that more and more people were contacting us or emailing about schedules for ships from the UK. It wasn’t just our customers that were contacting us it was anyone who had an interest in a vessel that was leaving from the UK.

So to help our customers out we decided to create a page on the First Base Freight website that would provide them with as much information on the sailing schedules of the vessels leaving the UK.

Now we couldn’t have information from every vessel leaving the UK so our sailing schedule contains as many of the vessels that will be used by our customers. We have also added information about future vessels so that our customers are able to maybe think ahead and decide when the best time would be to ship their car overseas. The more destinations we get the more destinations that will be added, so watch this space.

So take a look it may be of interest it maybe not, but like we always try to do, we try to make the shipping of vehicles as painless and as stress free as possible.

Check out our online Sailing Schedule.

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