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How much is it to ship my car overseas?

Here at First Base Freight we strive to be able to offer you an affordable, professional service at all times when shipping with us, we offer services from any of the UK major ports to virtually any other country in the world.  But the one question you are asking yourself when you decide to ship your vehicle overseas is “how much will it cost?” and is where we come in to the equation.  When shipping your car over seas the rates will vary dependant on what country you are shipping to and how you will be shipping your vehicle, the main fluctuation in price will mostly come down to the method in how you ship your vehicle.

This is usually done in one of two different ways the first being roll on/roll off, this is normally the cheapest and easiest option to choose when shipping your vehicle overseas, this is due to the ease of loading the vehicle as well as the increased amount of shipments being made in this fashion, the second option open to you will most likely be container shipping this option will normally cost you quite a bit more, but it is all dependant on the size of the container that you require, the containers comes in two different sizes one being a 20ft container the other being a 40ft container, the main upside to this mode of shipment is that you are able to load personal items with the vehicle as well as in the extra space within the container something that is not allowed when shipping your vehicle under the roll on/roll off option.  On some special occasion we will be able to offer to you a third option of airfreight but this option is considerably more expensive than the previously mentioned methods of transportation.

Another factor into the cost of your shipment is the method of which your vehicle will be delivered to the port, for instance if you will be delivering the vehicle to the port yourself and then finding your own way home it will save you some extra cash, but you do also have the option of hiring one of our trade plate drivers to come pick up the vehicle for you and then deliver it to the port for you.  These drivers are professionals who are fully covered by their own insurance and can collect and deliver your car safely and efficiently.  There will be extra charges based whether the driver has to make any extra stops along the journey to refuel.

For the main journey overseas, you will be able to arrange for marine insurance, which will mostly cover your car for fire damage, water damage and total loss when travelling via roll on/roll off, and fully cover when shipping by container.

There may be some additional costs that you will have to factor into your final calculations for instance, for any UK documentation required, also for any handling fees or customs clearance that your vehicle may incur.  As you can see it is very hard to know the exact cost when shipping your vehicle overseas, so the best way to find out what it is going to cost you is to get in contact with us and, we can find out what the best possible rate is for you.

You can easily get in contact with us through our quick quote form where we will be able to get back to you within 24 hours with a quote or you can get in contact with us through our phone number (01495 320540) or by emailing us on [email protected].

Despite all these factors, you will find that our rates are extremely competitive, affordable and will be delivered to you in a very professional manner; we pride ourselves here at First Base Freight on providing the best service possible while keeping the cost as low as we can for you.

If there is any additional information that you require about shipping your vehicle overseas or about what documentation you may require when shipping your vehicle overseas do not hesitate to ask us when you are getting in contact with us.

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